Sony is adding an extra measure to avoid confusion in PSVR Games

Sony has been touting their exclusive VR headset for some time now. Their new PSVR headset is due to release in Q4, 2016. The new PSVR promises to bring exclusive VR games and VR content to the table. The new PlayStation VR has a ton of titles to back it up on its final release this year. With all the trends and ubiquity between both consoles heating up before the Neo and Scorpio land, Sony has announced quite a lot of titles that will be present at the release of the PlayStation VR launch. I have really gotten into the Overwatch championship and even found a site at rivalry.gg/matches/overwatch-betting, that lets you bet on the professional teams.


Some of these titles include Tekken 7, Adr1ft, No Man’s Sky, Gran Turismo Sport and a damn heck more! Sure all these games are very well known and a lot of Playstation gamers might be aware of which PS VR games to pickup. But what about the games that didn’t get much attention? Okay, some readers may disagree but this might become a frustrating mistake if the gamer didn’t know if the game is VR compatible or not.

Moreover, all Playstation VR Games will include a label at the bottom right showing “You’ll Need These”. This means for some selected titles you might need the Playstation Camera and the Playstation VR Headset. The Playstation VR will be available on October 13, 2016 for a price tag of $399. There’s tons of excelelnt and exclusives coming up. Lets just wait and see how well they go.

Anyways, an excellent move by Sony to clear some confusions between users. What do you think of this? Let is know in the comments down below.


Usman Abdul Jabbar

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  1. How is this news? Slow news day?

    Manufacturers of products that require additional products have always been legally required to have some kind of disclaimer on the box of the product and for it to distinct and easily visible. Nothing here even remotely qualifies as new information.

    1. There are idiots out there who thought it would be confusing, who thought Sony would ship the games without such discerning icons.


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