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Xbox One Users Are Getting An Error Message That Links to TV Show “My Little Pony” and It’s Hilarious

Since the last couple of days, many Xbox users are reporting an error message that references the popular TV show “My Little Pony”. The error message itself is pretty hilarious.

Xbox One Users Are Getting An Error Message That Links to TV Show "My Little Pony" and It's Hilarious
Image via: TechGuruGJ

Redditor TechGuruGJ first posted on Reddit about the issue. On his Reddit post, many other people reported that they’re getting the same error message too. Here’s what the error message says:

“This would be some long description of the error. Read it and weep! And if you haven’t looked up this phrase on the internet, please do! You will find a My Little Pony episode called “Read it and Weep.” Cloudchasers and Wonderbolts, you’ll never be forgotten!”

Soon after, TechGuru tweeted the error to Mike Ybarra, Xbox’s Corporate Vice President. Ybarra said that they’re “looking into” the error message. After some time, he tweeted again that the error will be fixed by tonight. It was just a placeholder error message that got live by mistake.

It looks like someone in the Xbox team is a Brony (My Little Pony’s fan). The error will be fixed by tonight. For more, keep it set on GeeksULTD.

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