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Would The Xbox One X Be More Worth It If Had Exclusives?

Microsoft has finally released the Xbox One X. With fans pumped up for the launch of Microsoft’s console for more than a year, its finally here. Yesterday, Microsoft had finally unveiled the Xbox One X in many countries and with the console now taking the top lead in terms of graphics horsepower, the competition has just started. Microsoft was the first to announce Project Scorpio at E3 2016. Since then, Microsoft hadn’t had much news about it until E3 2017 came along. At E3 2017, Microsoft finally unveiled that Project Scorpio would be renamed to the Xbox One X. While it did take them a while, I honestly think Project Scorpio was a way better naming scheme. And sometimes I do wonder if Sony went with PS4K, instead of PlayStation 4 Pro.

Xbox One E3 2016 Show Floor
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Every since E3 2016, we saw Microsoft trying to join Xbox One and PC gamers together. Whether that’s due to Microsoft’s ecosystem plans or if Microsoft really wants the two platforms to hang out, it’s definitely great for us as consumers. Microsoft announced their Play Anywhere program at E3 2016 that brought some amazing moves for gamers. Not only did it enable cross-platform multiplayer gameplay, but it allowed gamers to buy these titles once and play it on the Xbox One and PC. Alongside that, players who owned the games on both platforms were able to walk away from one platform and continue playing on the other without a hitch. All of these moves from Microsoft not only allowed Microsoft to tap into the insights of their PC gamers, but it also allowed them to understand a whole lot about what PC gamers are craving for.

These moves from Microsoft were really interesting as Microsoft had failed to cultivate their Windows PC gamers in the past, but this time they finally pulled it off. However, I do think that this wasn’t the best time for Microsoft to give it all off. There’s a few reasons that support my thoughts, so here we go!


First, when Microsoft teased Project Scorpio’s development at E3 2016, Microsoft announced the Xbox One S alongside their beastly tease and a host of moves they would be working on in 2017 and the years ahead. These moves include Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere Program, along with their full integration with Windows 10’s Xbox App. Not only did PC gamers now have access to first-party Xbox titles, but PC gamers now had no reason to even consider entering the Xbox ecosystem if they had decent gaming PCs.

Second, Microsoft’s plan presenting and comparing consoles directly to gaming PCs. Microsoft didn’t take time to show off what the internals of Project Scorpio were capable of. With Microsoft and Sony’s race for graphical horsepower underway, both touted their internals out aloud as if they were gaming PCs. This mostly had to do due to the competition and the early leaks that had been making their way onto the internet proving that these leaks were solid. Not only were the consoles from Sony and Microsoft presented as gaming PCs, but they were marketed throughout the 2016 changing the landscape of what consoles were considered for. If it wasn’t for Microsoft, we could have seen the PlayStation 4 Pro before we even had a glimpse at the Xbox One X. With Microsoft taking the cake by teasing the Xbox One X, it was clear that the PlayStation 4 Pro was about to become overshadowed by the Xbox One X in terms of shear power, at least on paper. Despite all the explanations Sony has given so far, that seems to be the more accurate one on why Sony didn’t show off the PlayStation 4 Pro at E3 2016. Afterall, touting ‘True 4K/60FPS along with HDR’ support is more than enough for console gamers and enthusiasts in general. And giving PC gamers a chance to calibrate those numbers to their gaming PCs simply gives them a chance to weigh in if the deal is worth it or not.

With all of the media surrounding these new beastly consoles from Microsoft and Sony, I would have loved to see Microsoft promote the Xbox One X’s power in a more subtle manner. I could only imagine if Microsoft laid out a mysterious tease of the Xbox One X for a few seconds at E3 2016 and lay down how fast is the Xbox One X compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro in percentages . Not only would it prepare the hype for the Xbox One X, but players would have had a clearer view of the whole story.  After all, technical media outlets such as Digital Foundry would have already analyzed the internals of the Xbox One X.

Lastly, its all about the price. In my opinion, the $499 price tag absolutely justifies the Xbox One X’s power and features in my opinion. Despite what many people believe, the console is absolutely a true 4K entertainment machine that’s about to last more than a few years in your living room. With the console jam-packing almost every single bit of technology you may want from an entertainment system.

The price on itself would lure in even the best PC gaming enthusiasts for its price tag and capabilities. I am more than sure that PC gamers would be hard-pressed to build a better PC gaming system for that price with new components. However, with Microsoft’s first-party exclusives making their way onto the PC, it makes the whole deal useless for gamers who own decent gaming PCs. I really do think that the Xbox One X is a marvel of a console indeed. However, with even budget PC gamers running GTX 1060s would have a hard time thinking about picking up an Xbox One X. The whole Xbox One X deal would have been a whole lot more enticing if there were Xbox exclusives.

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