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Apple’s iPhone SE2 Renders Are Mind-Blowing, It Couldn’t Get Any Better

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Apple has pretty much ditched the idea of manufacturing small iPhones. If I could recall correctly, the last “small” iPhone has to be the iPhone SE. The iPhone SE launched back in 2016 showcasing how disruptive Apple could be in the mid-range market, a market Apple usually doesn’t like to touch on. The iPhone SE featured iPhone 6S internals in the body of Apple’s iPhone 5S. While it still wasn’t cheap at the time, it was definitely affordable and a great option at the time. Not only did it pickup on the internals of the 2015 6S, but it also featured full 4K recording in its tiny body.

Fast-forward two years into the future, that we now call the present, and Apple has kissed their small iPhones to sleep. Now that we’re in 2018, Apple’s latest iPhone X and 8/8Plus make it seem like Apple would never go back to the pocket-friendly 5S days. But now that fans are really eager to see Apple releasing another pocket-friendly iPhone SE2, they might actually consider working on it if they haven’t.

An iPhone SE2 concept by @VenyaGeskin1
An iPhone SE2 concept by @VenyaGeskin1

A few renders of how the iPhone SE2 may look like with an iPhone X crossover have won my heart. Credits to the Venya Geskin for publishing these renders of the iPhone SE2. Not only does he feature the classy shell from the iPhone 5S, but also showcases the full-view display from the iPhone X keeping it in-line with 2018 trends. Nostalgic users of the classy iPhone 5S may recall its excellent body, portability and those classy volume keys.

Although Apple’s consideration of making the iPhone SE2 is pretty much unlikely, you never know what Apple could come up with. If Apple does release the iPhone SE2 anytime soon, count me in!

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