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Microsoft’s Back At Offering Xbox One S Bundles For $249

Ever since E3 2016, it seems like Microsoft has been pulling their socks together. After the lousy launch of the original Xbox One S, Microsoft had started giving a ton of attention to its players and community. Since then, not only have we seen some excellent strides from Microsoft, but we’ve also seen some excellent, yet innovative ideas from Microsoft come into fruition.

Microsoft's Back At Offering Xbox One S Bundles For $249 2
Xbox One S Console & Controller Front Tilt

Since Microsoft doesn’t even have a single second to take its eyes off of Sony’s competition, Microsoft has been offering their Xbox One S on sale pretty frequently. For those who have been holding back for a while, Microsoft has started to offer Xbox One S bundles for $249 again. This means that you should be able to pickup any Xbox One S bundle with a $50 discount.

According to Microsoft, this offer is valid through May 13th to May 19th, 2018 for customers based in the US. This means that not only would you get the console itself, but should be up and running for $250 thanks to a bundled game. There’s a number of Xbox One S bundles Microsoft has released since the launch of the Xbox One S back in August 2016. You have the option to pickup an Xbox One X with PUBG, Minecraft, BF1 and many more. So if any of those games are your jam, now’s the time to pick one up if you’ve been waiting for the deal to arrive again.

Since this deal is limited to the US, how about you try finding these deals on Microsoft’s website.

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