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Everything Has Stayed the Same with 5SOS: Here Is How Everyone Is Celebrating 10 Year Of 5S0S

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Pradyumna Srivastava
Pradyumna Srivastava
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5SOS acronym for 5 Seconds Of Summer is a big and famous band all around the world. They had been quiet for quite some time and we were definitely expecting them to come with a bang. All channels covered that they would be completing 10 years of being a successful band and that called for a celebration.

The 10 year anniversary was celebrated by planning a 5 Seconds of Summer 10 Year Podcast which went on till 10 days. The ultimate showdown on the D day was a 5 Seconds of Summer show and a brand new song named โ€œ2011โ€. Reaching 10 years is a big landmark and the boys have been through so much. From having rivalries to living together as brothers they definitely have come a long way. It warms our hearts and makes it mushy to think about them.

Everything Has Stayed the Same with 5SOS and Hereโ€™s How

Most of us have grown up listening to them and have tons of memories associated with the band. Every heartbreak or a crush was defined by one of their songs. From dedicating their songs to our loved ones to driving inspiration from them, it has been a thrilling journey.ย 



All About 5SOSย 

The famous 5 Seconds of Summer Show is going to be aired live and we all are going to watch it online. Get ready with a box of tissues and popcorn because this is going to be both exciting and emotional. The dates are December 3 at 5 pm EST. Set an alarm or a reminder as if youโ€™re going to forget this historic show.

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They are going to be singing their new single 2011 for the very first time and we cannot stop getting anxious. How great would it be to see them together humming once again! It has been an adventurous, thrilling, famous, magical, and most important musical journey for them.

Celebrating it by describing it in a song would be the best gift they could give their fans and themselves. The show might be chaotic but which show isnโ€™t? We are going to be a part of history and all the chaos is accepted. There isnโ€™t much time left to set up your laptop or tv and tune in as soon as it starts.

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Twitter is flooded with fans posting their watch setup and waiting for the show to start. 10 years is not the end but the new era for 5SOS are some of the taglines fans have posted. Friends are gathering and doing a marathon of their podcasts which will end with the live show with the crazy single โ€œ2011โ€. Reliving the old 5SOS days is going to be so much. I know I am going to be glued to the TV and so will the big 5SOS family.ย 



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