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Fortnite Rumored to Be Adding New Type of Animal in Season 3

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Fortnite has constantly changed throughout its four-year career. Due to a steady stream of meta changes, new features, and weapon/item rotations, the battle royale game remains relevant by tweaking its model on a nearly daily basis. The next season of Fortnite will see a new animal kind emerge on the island, according to the latest reports.

Season of the iconic battle royale game is nearing its end, as well as its second chapter. 
As The Convergence brings Fortnite’s “Cubed” season to an end, Chapter will be an explosive finale. 
Chapter 2’s “The End,” which is expected to put an end to all life on Earth, just disclosed its timeline which is expected to decimate all life on the island. At least a single animal will be spotted in the aftermath regardless of whether or not that transpires.

HYPEX, a well-known Fortnite whistleblower and data miner, has revealed the latest creature to be introduced to the game. HYPEX has revealed the specifics of the leak on his Twitter Page. It’s been revealed by the leaker that Seagulls are Fortnite’s latest animal.

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The concept design for Chapter 3 shows the seagulls in a tropical or beach-like setting, which suggests that the upcoming chapter’s map will include a new location. Even though HYPEX is unsure when Seagulls will emerge, the popular idea is that it will arrive during Season 1.

Seagulls have been added to Fortnite’s animal roster, making them the 11th creature in the game. From the start of Season 3, Fortnite’s critters can be used in a variety of ways. In Season 6, many new tamable animals were added to the map, like Supply Llamas and Loot Sharks.

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This season’s most recent additions are the Crows, which can drop significant prizes if defeated. Gamers will have to keep a sharp eye out for seagulls in the future, as there is no information on how they function.

While the idea of seagulls in Fortnite is intriguing, a different Chapter 3 rumor has us much more excited. According to another leak from HYPEX, a novel throwable ax weapon will be included in Chapter 3 of the game. The leaker only has snapshots of the rendered model of the particular weapon to go on.

The blue color decals on the Axe could suggest a link to Meowscles.


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