The Game Awards 2021: Highlights And More Announcements

The Game Awards 2021 took held in Los Angeles on December 9th, an event that combines the presentation of awards to the finest in the video game business with a rush of trailers and announcements. Read more about everything interesting here, at Game Awards 2021: Highlights.

Game Awards 2021: Highlights

Throughout the evening, several of the videos and announcements referred to previously announced titles. “Star Wars: Eclipse” and “Nightingale” drew the most attention as titles with real surprises.

The Game Awards 2021: Highlights And More

It Takes Two was the main winner of the night, earning Game of the Year, Best Family Game, and Best Multiplayer; Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 5 also shone out, receiving Best Audio Design, Best Sports/Racing, and Best Innovation in Accessibility.

Many Celebrities Attend the Game Awards

Geoff Keighley, a former journalist who founded the Game Awards in 2014, produces and hosts the show. As guests and nominees, video game developers, broadcasters, esports players, and industry executives attended the event; this year’s show also included visits by celebrities and movie stars such as Giancarlo Esposito and Simu Liu.

Game Awards 2021: Highlights

Watch the main glimpses here. 

The Game Awards unveiled its second list of Future Class members prior to the awards presentation. Future Class is made up of 50 people from the games industry, including journalists, developers, influencers, and accessibility experts, among others, who represent the industry at its most thoughtful and inclusive.

Game Of The Year

“It Takes Two” is a two-player puzzle-platformer by Hazelight Studios, best known for co-op titles such as “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” and “A Way Out.” The game portrays a divorced couple who must work together to explore a fanciful world after becoming magically trapped within their daughter’s dolls.

Game Awards 2021: Highlights

Best Game Direction

“Deathloop,” developed by Arkane Studios, is a first-person shooter about an assassin trapped on an island cursed to relive the same day again and over. Players acquire information, research, and discover new weapons and skills with each new cycle as they attempt to break free from the time loop.

Best Action Game

“Metroid Dread,” the first new game in the Metroid series since 2017, reunites players with bounty hunter Samus Aran, dubbed “the first lady of gaming,” as she fights her way across the planet ZDR. It also marked Mercury Steam’s return to the franchise after the developer’s critically acclaimed “Metroid 2” remake for the Nintendo 3DS.

Major Attractions

This year, gamers were treated to concerts by Imagine Dragons and Sting. Green Day, Chvrches, and Eddie Vedder were among the previous musical acts.

Game Awards 2021: Highlights

Finally, Keighley does not operate as a one-man show. Instead, celebrities, ranging from notable game creators to Hollywood personalities, frequently bestow prizes. Brie Larson, Stephen A. Smith, Nolan North, Reggie Fils-Aimé, Keanu Reeves, and Christopher Nolan were among the presenters last year, to name a few. Among those appearing on tonight’s show were Giancarlo Esposito, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Guillermo del Toro.

Other Key Highlights

  • Life Is Strange: True Colors – game with a big impact.
  • Resident Evil Village – Reddit’s Game of the Year
  • Simple is the best esports athlete.
  • Natus Vincere is the best esports team.
  • Kkoma is the best esports coach.
  • The 2021 League of Legends World Championship is the best esports event.
  • Forza Horizon 5 has the best audio design.
  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits is the best independent game.
  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits is the best debut indie game.
  • Maggie Robertson, Resident Evil Village, gave the best performance.
  • Death loop has the best art direction.
  • Halo Infinite – Players’ Voice
  • Tales of Arise is the best role-playing game.
  • Nier Replicant has the best score and music.
  • The dream is the 2017 Content Creator of the Year.
  • It Takes Two – the Best Multiplayer Game
  • Genshin Impact is the best mobile game.
  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has the best narrative.
  • Metroid Dread has the best action/adventure.
  • Final Fantasy XIV is the best ongoing game.
  • Final Fantasy XIV has the best community support.
  • Forza Horizon 5 – Accessibility Innovation
  • Forza Horizon 5 is the best sports/racing game.
  • Death loop has the best game direction.
  • League of Legends is the best esports game.


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