What is Escape 2021? How to Watch It Now?

After the social media platform’s creative community expressed dissatisfaction with its high-production yearly recap series YouTube Rewind, it decided to discontinue it. Escape2021, its replacement, and was live online on Thursday (December 16), but what is it and how can you watch it?

Escape 2021 Livestream 2021 on Youtube

Escape2021 was a 24-hour YouTube live broadcast that was hosted. Unlike the previous Rewind series, Escape was intended to be more participatory and it took place in real-time.

According to Bandwagon Asia, the event included performers such as Doja Cat, BTS, and The Weeknd, as well as some of the platform’s top innovators.

What is Escape 2021? How to Watch It Now?

YouTube’s Escape 2021 took a look back on some of the platform’s major trends and content from 2021.

What Happened At the Escape2021 stream?

Before the live stream, YouTube previewed BTS’ inclusion with iconic Minecraft mugshots of the members on their Twitter account. They teased a celebratory Butter performance by the group’s Minecraft version characters at the commencement of the interactive live stream in chapter 1 of Escape 2021.

What is Escape 2021? How to Watch It Now?

Quizzes based on the K-pop ensemble are another interactive feature they had planned. Many people praised BigHit MUSIC’s strategy of live broadcasting ‘butter’ as being melted as part of their advertising activities. Millions of fans tuned in for more than an hour only to find out what their next release will be. 

Escape 2021 Youtube Highlights

Brand-safe innovators and trends were prominently represented during the event. As a swarm of youngsters gazed on, Mark Rober created an elephant toothpaste volcano with the help of Mr. Beast. AFTV, a soccer fan content provider, commented on a thrilling marble race created by Jelle’s Marble Run. A lovely magician team competed in a test of their abilities.

What is Escape 2021? How to Watch It Now?

There were also four “Real or Cake” guessing games including Sideserf Cake Studio. The majority of these portions were accompanied by participatory gameplay in the live chat for spectators.

What is Escape 2021? How to Watch It Now?

This creator-centric material was balanced by games and music video quizzes featuring artists such as The Weeknd, Blackpink, Doja Cat, and The Kid Laroi. The climax was a Minecraft-hosted virtual concert with Maneskin and BTS. The event’s pace was casual, even sluggish at times. It was well crafted, tasty, and most importantly, it didn’t feel overdone.

How To Watch Escape 2021 Livestream Recording?

Although the video is now unavailable, for sure. As it was a live event, but as you know that the internet is written in ink (the gist is that once-on internet, always-on internet, it can’t be erased).What is Escape 2021? How to Watch It Now?

So, as much as we’d like to help you, since it’s unofficial, we aren’t authorized to provide to you- the links to the streams which are yet available for you to watch. Yes, some internet gods recorded whole chapters for the sake of rewatching and your rescue. What you would need to do, is just type in ‘Escape 2021’ in the search bar, and within the first page, you will come across beautiful results.


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