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Why Nick Cannon Is Trending on Twitter?

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Pradyumna Srivastava
Pradyumna Srivastava
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Why is Nock Cannon Trending on Twitter? Nick Cannon has made headlines yet again! Several people have asked why he is trending on Twitter, and the answer is a photo from the December 2nd episode of ‘Nick Cannon.’

The comedian, who also serves as the host of ‘The Masked Singer,’ has made numerous headlines. Nick became the talk of the town in August after the birth of his seventh child, and his name began trending on Twitter within a few minutes.

Nick Cannon Trends On Twitter

Twitter is ablaze with reactions to images from the comedian’s new eponymous talk show that appear to show evidence of a sizable fortune.

Nick Cannon has made headlines yet again

This isn’t the first time Twitter has erupted in response to a celebrity’s prevalent “silhouette.” When a photo of John Hamm ostensibly “going commando” in a pair of grey sweatpants went viral on social media in 2017, he received similar attention. Cannon appears to be pursuing Hamm’s lead in making no comment on the screen grabs and letting the evidence stand on its own.

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Twitter Being Twitter

Screenshots from the episode, that aired last week, reveal a significant bulge in America’s Got Talent host’s suit pants. During Nick Cannon’s “What’s Poppin” pop culture section of the show, in which he performed a riff on a Golden Girls fan convention, viewers noticed a rather conspicuous overview of the multi-hyphenate was hosting in his trousers.

How Are Fans Reacting to Nick Cannon’s Cannon?

@DallasScorpio92, a savvy Twitter user, used their eagle gaze to zoom in on Cannon’s crotch, which appears to have Cannon’s “cannon” on colorful display. The slack, like most modern suits, is extremely tailored to Cannon’s chassis, so there’s no disguising what lurks beneath Cannon’s waist.

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Nick Cannon has made headlines yet again

Sure moreover, Cannon didn’t just walk out on stage and exhibit off the hammer at random, but the strobe lights of the studio and Twitter being Twitter, the print has everyone online riled up.

Nick Cannon Astounds

In a related vein, Cannon has recently made headlines for turning procreation into a legitimate pastime. He now has seven children and counting, four of whom were born in the last year alone to three different women.

This year’s Nick Cannon show premiered on September 27th. The show, which airs on local FOX affiliates, features a mix of music, comedy, sketches, games, popular entertainment, and celebrity interviews. So far, the crowd’s reaction has been wishy-washy, but perhaps the current social media frenzy will spark a new wave of interest.


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