Chainsaw Man Part 2 Release Date [Confirmed?]: Teaser Reveal And More

Of course, the anime fandom is thrilled to see Denji’s saga brought to life in animated form. However, it is not the finale of the manga series as well. Tatsuki Fujimoto will apparently release Part 2 of the manga, and fans of the series are excited to read fresh chapters. And it’s not a question to ask whether you are excited to know – ‘The Chainsaw Man Part 2 Release Date.’

The first part of Chainsaw Man ended on quite the wild series, with plenty characters biting down as Denji attempted to fight a surprising final threat. Leaving many plotlines that have yet be examined; expect more violence and blood when Part II comes around!Chainsaw Man Part 2 Release Date: Teaser Reveal

What Is Chainsaw Man? 

Chainsaw Man is a popular Japanese manga series written and drawn by Tatsuki Fujimoto. So far, the mangaka has released 11 volumes, which were serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from December 2018 to 2020. Following the phenomenal success of the manga series, MAPPA announced last year that Chainsaw Man will be adapted into an anime series.

When Will Chainsaw Man Part 2 Release?

Part 2 of Chainsaw Man will be released in Summer, of 2022, according to Tatsuki Fujimoto. The author revealed that the second installment is titled “School arc,” and it will center on Denji going to school.

Interestingly, also MAPPA announced the Chainsaw Man anime on the same day, and we finally got the first trailer for the forthcoming anime on June 27th, 2021, after a lengthy wait. The entire community has been waiting for the creators to share more details about Part 2 and the anime adaptation since then. We now know that Chainsaw Man will be returning in two forms next year.

Chainsaw Man Part 2 Release Date: Teaser Reveal

Of course, fans are ecstatic to learn that more Chainsaw Man material will be available in 2022. However, the developers have yet to share any further information on Part 2 of the anime. 

Any Clues About Chainsaw Man Part 2?

We have no clue how the anime will be organized, how many episodes it will feature, or how much of the manga it will adapt. Perhaps we’ll see a 12- or 24-episode season adapting the entirety of Part 1, or perhaps the manga will be adapted across numerous seasons. We anticipate that Part 2 will be reared at some time, but we cannot comment on when or how.

Chainsaw Man Part 2 Release Date: Teaser Reveal

Chainsaw Man is the fourth most requested anime on MyAnimeList (behind Attack on Titan, The Rising of the Shield Hero, and Demon Slayer). Furthermore, Chainsaw Man’s physical releases have routinely entered the New York Times Best Sellers List. Chainsaw Man was unquestionably the most popular costume on the exhibition floor during Anime NYC.

All of the fresh excitement stems from an unauthorized news feed that updates Weekly Shonen Jump. “Both Chainsaw Man Part 2 and the anime version of Chainsaw Man are set for a 2022 release,” tweeted @WSJ manga.

Chainsaw Man Part 2: What Can We Take Out From The Teaser?

The makers have crafted a teaser that makes us desire more. So, without further ado, here is the teaser.

So the new character is the first thing we notice. So, rewinding to the end of the first section, we saw Makima’s loss. It was then that a new Control Devil was born. Denji was assigned the role and obligation of maintaining tabs on this new control demon. That was the end of the first part. Looking at this teaser, we can plainly see Denji following through on his tasks and taking care of the new control demon. The individual who is distracting him is the second item that may capture your attention.

Don’t take our word for it but Chainsaw Man may finally include a strong female character into the series. That’s something to think about. Aside from that, the story has consistently hinted that Denjo would be balancing his life. Especially now that he has a new reputation and profession as the devil hunter. Not only that, but he also needs to keep an eye on the new Control Devil. In addition to all of these tasks, he must attend school. That’s a lot of pressure.

We had a lot of questions racing through our heads. First and foremost, is this new female character someone Denji knows from school? Is she also a devil hunter? or a member of a devil-hunting gang? Worse, is she after Denji or the new control devil Denji is looking after? 


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