Fitbit Charge 5 vs Charge 4 vs Charge 3: Which One Should You Buy?

Fitbit has a wide choice of activity trackers to choose from, ranging from the basic Inspire 2 to the top-of-the-line Sense wristwatch. Between the Fitbit Inspire and Fitbit Versa lines, the Charge 5 is an activity monitor.

Fitbit Charge 5 vs Charge 4 vs Charge 3: What’s the Difference?

To help you decide whether or not you should switch, we’ve likened it to its predecessors, the Charge 4 and Charge 3.


There are many similarities between the two Fitbit Charge 3 models, but Fitbit has decided to change things up with the new Charge 5 model, which has a more streamlined and thinner design.

Though it has been redesigned, the Charge 5 continues to use the same style of straps as previous models have. However, in addition to the basic silicone options, nylon hook and loop bands, and hand-built Horween leather straps, there is also a wide range of somewhat different styles to choose from.

The Charge 5 is the first phone to sport an AMOLED screen after the aforementioned Charge, and its predecessor. As a response to this, Fitbit has added an always-on display feature for the first time on a wearable device.

They all have buckle fastenings and an optical heart rate sensor that lies on the underside of their primary frames, and also water resilience up to 50 meters, making them perfect for a hot summer swim.

Specs and Sensors

The optical heart rate monitors on each of the three Fitbit Charge watches under consideration allow for automated and continual monitoring of heart rate. The accelerometer, altimeter, and vibration motor are all included as well.

Additionally, the Fitbit app has relative SpO2 sensors, enabling consumers to see an indication of the oxygen level variation in their bloodstream, which is intended to highlight changes in breathing patterns while they sleep.

Fitbit Charge 5 vs Charge 4 vs Charge 3: is it time for an upgrade?

EDA sensors as well as the Fitbit ECG app are only available on the Charge 5. ECG readings can detect an irregular heartbeat and look for indicators of atrial fibrillation, whilst the former can detect minor changes in the sweat glands on your fingers and hence shift in stress level.

Two of the Fitbit app’s most useful features are its ability to measure sleep and food intake, as well as its ability to sync with a smartphone or tablet.


In addition to tracking your daily activity (walks, mileage, calories burned, stairs climbed, minutes of physical activity per hour, and motionless time), the Fitbit Charge 3 to 5 also monitors your sleep quality with the Fitbit Sleep Score and Fitbit Sleep Stages. All of them have daily statistics and smartphone notifications, which on Android are more sophisticated with Quick Replies.

Additionally, all three models utilize SmartTrack, which automatically recognizes when you workout, Multi-Sport monitoring, Cardio Fitness Level (an assessment of your VO2 Max), and Assisted Breathing, which gives tailored breathing treatments depending on your heart rate.

Fitbit Charge 5 vs. Charge 4: Should you upgrade? | Android Central

All Charge models have swim tracking, Run Detect sporting auto-stop, a timer option, Goal-Based Exercise, and weather updates in addition to the functions listed above. Active Zone Minutes is another brilliant option.

Every minute of mild or strenuous activity in the fat-burning zone or the cardio and peak regions is counted toward your 150-minute weekly target, and you get double credit for any action in the aerobic or anaerobic zones.

Price and Conclusion

Despite its age, the Fitbit Charge 3 may still be a viable option for some users, particularly given that its design is nearly identical to that of the Charge 4. Comparatively speaking, it offers a superb feature set and could be cheaper than the Charge 4.

When it comes to bells and whistles like Spotify streaming and built-in GPS, the Charge 4 is a decent option if your money permits. Even if you enjoy the functionality of the Charge 4 and wish to have a Fitbit smartwatch with similar health tracking capabilities, you’ll have to go for the Charge 5.

Fitbit Premium subscribers now get access to an ECG app, an EDA stress sensor, and fresh metrics in the Fitbit app. If you prefer tiny trackers with always-on screens and brighter panels, this is a great option.

Fitbit Charge 5 vs Fitbit Charge 4: how to choose your next fitness tracker | TechRadar

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