Beauty 101: How to Pick the Right Lip Color to Make Your Lips Dark to Light

The correct lip colour may instantly transform your look from plain to bold. However, how can you pick the proper colour? That’s why we’ve come to investigate. Read on for advice from the best makeup artists in the business:

Recognize Your Skin’s Undertones

Every person’s skin contains yellow or pink undertones. Checking the veins on your wrist is a simple way to determine the colour of your undertone. You have a cool pink undertone if your veins seem blue. Your skin, on the other hand, has a warmer yellow undertone if your veins seem green. If you have veins that appear to be both green and blue, you have a neutral undertone.

Look for colours that complement your undertones.

For the greatest effects, choose colours that are comparable to your undertone. If you have a yellow undertone, go for warmer colours, and for pink undertones, search for lip tints with purple or blue tones. People with neutral undertones can pull off practically any colour.

Pinks, roses, mauves, plums, and other hues Avoid orangey hues at all costs. Beauty Tip: Extremely light colours can make you appear washed out.

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Shades that complement a yellow undertone include: Warm lip colours, such as true red or orangey tones, will look best on you. Like the plague, stay away from these hues.

Avoid hues that are excessively pale or have an extremely ashy or grey undertone, as these are generally unappealing and can make you look pale and unwell.

When in doubt, choose a lip colour that complements your skin tone. Shades like true reds, variations of pinks, or soft corals can be excellent to round off your look with some lip love if you have a fair complexion.

Darker Skin Tone Shades

Deep plums, reds, and berries in various shades look amazing on darker complexion tones. For the finest results, use tones like deep purple, extremely berry, and rich reds. Avoid hues that are too light or too pale unless you’re aiming to achieve a specific appearance.

On women with darker complexion tones, darker colours are naturally flattering. Choose a hue that is somewhat darker than your skin tone and with brown undertones to get a nude effect.


What is the best lip colour for olive skin?

Most hues, whether nude, pink, red or orange, work nicely with olive skin tones. All you have to do is match your lipstick to your attire, for example, if you’re wearing a warm-coloured dress, choose a bright, warm hue of lipstick.

Choosing The Right Nude Color

You must select the appropriate tint for your lips to seem bare. A nude tint that is slightly darker or brighter than your actual skin tone is ideal.

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