Jessica Chastain’s Explosive Tweet Criticizing the Fourth of July Was Backed by Daredevil Actor Vincent Donofrio, Who Said, “I Can Take Her Back on This.”

Jessica Chastain, star of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, celebrated Independence Day on Twitter by posting a photo of herself switching off the camera with both hands.

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“Happy ‘Independence’ Day from me and my reproductive rights,” Chastain tweeted.

We previously saw a tape of Chastain saying, “We need Planned Parenthood,” in a speech she gave back in 2017 at Variety’s Power of Women conference, which was supported by Planned Parenthood.

We need Planned Parenthood, she says in the video she posted to her Twitter account on June 25. I owe the organization as the daughter of a single mother in a low-income family.

“They made it financially realistic and available for me to educate myself and make decisions about my future and health as I grew up,” she said. Planned Parenthood is an incredible organization that allows women the same opportunity as men to have control over their lives, bodies, and health, as well as the information needed to make the best decisions for themselves.

“It is critical that we fight for this, and I believe we can and will win.” Why? Because women are powerful. We are strong and formidable. We are a formidable opponent. Women constitute half of the population, and we are not going away.”

She then wrote, “It’s time for males to actually show up.” If you’re waiting for the woman in your life to tell you to fight for her rights, you’re not an ally.”
In an interview published on June 27th in Porter Magazine, Chastain also spoke on the Roe v Wade decision, telling the publication, “I think we need to remind each other what history used to look like for women because it does feel like that has been lost.”

In some ways, we’ve taken this idea for granted [of] being able to live a life devoid of violence and someone else making decisions about your welfare and your safety,” she continued. It’s a trickle-down effect, reminding us what it’s like when one group loses its rights. It impacts everyone, and I believe the stories I begin to consider will have to deal with it.”

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Concerning Chastain’s support for Planned Parenthood, the organization was founded by Margaret Sanger, who now claims that her conviction in eugenics was an “inherently racist and ableist worldview that declared certain people unsuitable to have children.”

“Eugenics is the belief that society may be improved through controlled breeding for ‘desirable attributes’ such as intelligence and hard work,” according to the group.

According to Planned Parenthood, “Sanger was so focused on her objective to fight for birth control that she opted to identify herself with ideologies and groups that were ableist and white supremacist.”

In 1926, she addressed the Ku Klux Klan’s (KKK) women’s auxiliary during a gathering in New Jersey to promote birth control methods. Sanger supported the 1927 Buck v. Bell ruling, in which the Supreme Court decided that states could sterilize those judged “unfit” without their consent and, in some cases, without their awareness.

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