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Know About “Make Your Way Akutsu- San” Chapter 111 the Hangover!!release Date

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Chapter 111 Please Go Home Akutsu- San  The Hangover! Release Date

The last spin of Please Go Home was an addictive service. avaricious compendiums of the manga were pleased when they saw that Akutsu was eventually participating in her true passions with Ooyama. While under the influence of alcohol, Akutsu said that she’d noway kiss a person that she didn’t like. This explained that she had a crush on Ooyama. Then’s all you need to know about Please Go Home Akutsu- San Chapter 111.

In the following spin, the fate of the mess from the last night will take place in the story. It was seen that she wanted to spend the rest of the night with her stylish friend. But Obama didn’t suppose that was right for him to do that.

Please Go Home Akutsu- San Chapter 111 What Will Be Next? 

The coming chapter of Akutsu- San will continue the same erraticism of these two cupids. It was seen in the last spin that Ooyama was trying to do his stylish in taking care of Akutsu. After taking a drink for the first time in her life, the girl had been acting a little eschewal of line. She was hoping that Ooyama kissed him also and there. still, Ooyama knew that this wasn’t the right thing to do.

And so, in the end, the girl passed out. Now, Please Go Home Akutsu- San Chapter 111 will open with the durability of the same. It’ll be seen that Akutsu will wake up the coming day only to find out that Ooyama had put away him in her bed and left in the morning. This is the moment when she decides to visit his house formerly again.

Former Chapter Recap! 

Please Go Home Akutsu- San Chapter 110 begins with Akutsu falling over on Ooyama after having some drinks. Still, Akutsu was in no mood to agree that she was drunk. She kept saying that she was sober and that she wanted to have fun with her stylish friend. Ooyama said that underage drinking wasn’t the right thing. Just also, she came closer to Ooyama and told him that he should kiss her.

But the boy kept averring from leaving. He wanted Akutsu to get some sleep so that she doesn’t do commodity out of the line. But still, Akutsu gave him a bite on the cheeks. Ooyama said that she couldn’t just go and kiss any joe when she’s drunk. The chapter came to an end with Akutsu eventually passing out in that state.

Release Date Of Please Go Home Akutsu- San Chapter 111

Akutsu’s quirky fun and notoriousness will continue to light up the story of the manga this week as well. But Obama’s response to this will be the factor to watch for in Please Go Home Akutsu- San Chapter 111. So, the coming chapter will release this week without any break. July 1, 2022, is the final release date of the chapter. suckers of the manga will find all the chapters only on the sanctioned runners of Kodansha. therefore, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get further intel on this.

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