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Look Towards “Rebirth Sorcerer of Yellow Eyes” Chapter 78 Release Date!!

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Release date of The Reincarnation Magician Of The Inferior Eyes Chapter 78

The Reincarnation Magician Of The Inferior Eyes Chapter 78 will go around the huge clash between Amo and Abel. Well, addicts loved the conception where Abel returned to learn magic, and everyone had an eye on him. Eliza wanted to be with him, but she was hysterical that effects would n’t work out between them. But will he elect one of them?

Meanwhile, in the 78th chapter, Abel will smell some powers and head in that direction. Eliza and Noel will try their stylish to deal with Amo, but effects wo n’t be that easy. Abel will come to help them and use his strongest magic to master Amo. Eliza will help him with his plan. Keep reading to know more.

The Reincarnation Magician Of The Inferior Eyes Chapter 78 What Will Be Next? 

It seems like Abel created the black mist after seeing his opponent in the academe structure. He’ll head in the direction of having a face- off with Amo. But ahead, Amo will use his powers to block the people’s path. They will try their stylish to use this occasion to run down. But it would be delicate for them to fight back against Amo and his powers. He’s using caparison to help him fight back against the black mist. Meanwhile, Noel and Eliza will combine their power to attack Amo, but sorely they will fail in their charge.

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Abel will soon join them and use his dark powers to save the academe. It’ll leave everyone surprised since nothing has ever heard of similar magic. Noel and Eliza will partake a look and wonder who Abel is. As for Abel, he’ll continue to fight with Amo, and Amo will use caparison to repel his powers. So Abel will ask Eliza to distract him while he uses his magic to destroy the caparison. They will really succeed, and Amo will run down.

 A Quick Recap! 

Preliminarily in The Reincarnation Magician Of The Inferior Eyes Chapter 77, everyone gathered in Arsulia academe hall for a function. still, Eliza was searching for someone special. She ransacked the hallway in hunt of Abel, but unfortunately, she could n’t find him. latterly she realized that Abel liked the silent place with minimal people. So it could be possible that he was on the alternate bottom.

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But Noel was n’t looking well, and she tripped. So to help Noel Eliza used her strength. Latterly they talked about Abel and how he was different from everyone. Both wanted to be with him, but it sounded like he was searching for commodity differently.

Eliza was confident about her aesthetics but disappointed after hearing Noel’s words. While they were having a converse, a blast took place. Amo appeared, and his powers created pressure in the air. The seniors tried their stylish to stop him but failed. Soon a black mist formed, and Amo could n’t move, so Noel and Eliza asked everyone to run.


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