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How to Increase Your Faith in the Lamb’s Cult, Know the Details

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It takes a lot more work than it seems to create a healthy community in Cult of the Lamb, especially when players are dropped into a location that appears to be empty save for a solitary Follower and a Statue of Worship.

The fact that players will want far more resources than just gold coins in order to unlock new structures or transform their town into a busy, self-sufficient utopia is what makes it so challenging. That’s because many of the nicest buildings and improvements are protected by Devotion gates that the Lamb must release by accumulating sufficient Devotion.

Fortunately, players will receive a Divine Inspiration point each time they reach a certain level of devotion, which they are free to utilize however they see best. A certain number of improvements must first be unlocked by players before they can access some buildings and upgrades in higher tiers. Each time a player utilizes a Divine Inspiration point, more devotion is needed to earn the next point.

Players will soon discover that they require hundreds of devotion for each point. The finest strategies to quickly increase devotion to the Cult of the Lamb are all outlined in the advice that follows.


Upgrades for Rush Cult as soon as possible

Players are largely free to use their devotion and divine inspiration points however they see fit after they have their statue of worship and start receiving them. The next tier can only be unlocked when a certain number of points have been spent in the previous tier. However, many players are unaware that doing so also upgrades the Statue of Worship.

The enormous crest in the middle of each tier must first be unlocked before players may choose from a fresh set of construction and upgrades they have unlocked. Players have access to new construction when they unlock this crest, and the Statue of Worship grows larger right away so that it can hold more people.

Concentrate on increasing follower loyalty

The more new structures, rituals, and interactions the Lamb has with their followers, the more loyalty they will have. A follower will level up and give the lamb a lot of devotion each time their loyalty bar is filled.

This is particularly helpful early on because the amount of devotion the lamb obtains from merely leveling their followers can grant them several Divine Inspiration points very rapidly. Even while this “boost” loses its usefulness with time, farming devotion to it is still exceedingly easy and productive.

Early Tabernacle Unlock

Players receive the Statue of Worship during the tutorial, and only one can be constructed. It is possible to level it up to expand its capacity and worshippers, but those who have a large following may find it challenging to continually win devotion from all of their followers due to the statue’s cap on the number of worshippers that can be present at once. Fortunately, there is a way to use those additional Followers to produce Devotion in the form of constructible Tabernacles.

Improve Devotion Gain by Unlocking The Propaganda Speakers

As they progress through the Divine Inspiration tree, players can unlock unique speakers that provide an aura that boosts the development of Worship Speed and Devotion. Players can also set these speakers up close to the main Statue of Worship or surrounding Tabernacles.

The only drawback is that they require a fuel source to function, namely one Gold Bar. Fortunately, this fuel lasts a long time, providing players a nice boost to their devotion gain and enabling them to unlock structures and upgrades even more quickly.

Make sure you compel followers to perform worship

Even though followers typically make their way to the centre of worship on their own, the A.I. occasionally insists on going its own way, especially when players don’t have many followers. Worshippers are less likely to attend these places when the main statue is full, which becomes much more obvious when players have a lot of Tabernacles.

In order to “compel them to Worship,” players should approach any Followers who aren’t already doing so and select the appropriate command from the interaction wheel. Players can maximise their devotion by forcing followers to worship, and with some speed buffs on, they can merely stand next to a tabernacle.

Create Massive Shelters As Soon As You Can

Players will only have access to Sleeping Bags early on in their journey as Cult leaders. These “houses”—where their Followers will spend the night—are quite prone to breakdowns, necessitating frequent repairs from the Lamb. Players have access to better housing early on in the Divine Inspiration tree, which doesn’t break down nearly as frequently.

However, the extravagant home that may be constructed on the third tier of the Divine Inspiration tree is what gamers should really concentrate on. These houses are impervious to breakdowns and actively produce devotion. The players can find a nice chunk of Devotion waiting for them each day if there are enough of these housing lying about.

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