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Ask About The Elder Scroll VI Years Later, Says Pete Hines

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Pete Hines from Bethesda has been quite vocal on his personal Twitter account and fans have been at him for more and more juicy details about the future of Bethesda and the future of Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls V has been one of the pillars of modern gaming. With the game basically called the epitome of the RPG genre many enthusiasts are actually too fond of it.

In a recent Tweet, Pete Hines the Senior Vice President at Bethesda, when asked about when Bethesda would actually talk about the next Skyrim, replied that the next game in the series is years apart and that the studio is only focussing on the Starfield. Now, Starfield is a game that’s been internally in development for at least a decade and it still has no concrete release date.

While the game itself released almost a decade ago thanks to such an active community, still remains a fan favourite with thousands of custom mods thanks to Bethesda’s open platform. While the game received remastered special editions for current generation platforms just for the sake of its relevance in our pop culture Bethesda hasn’t been shy on talking about the next Elder Scrolls.

Considering how Bethesda likes to spend so much time on their games and the fact that Starfield is still very much in production means that the studio could, in fact, be working on the next Skyrim as we speak. The recent tweet could only mean one thing and it means that fans should stop worrying too much about the franchise and focus more towards their other titles.

Clearly Bethesda’s other games are overshadowed more than often by The Elder Scrolls and it would definitely be smart to just leave the franchise alone at the current time.


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