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Know why Season 14 of Apex Legends has New Glitch which Is Causing Legends to Have the Wrong Abilities !!

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New Apex Legends Glitch Is Causing Legends to Have the Wrong Abilities in Season 14   

Players are hyped to get into some of the new content with the release of Apex Legends Season 14.

Still, players that locked in their favorite character may end up with an unfortunate surprise.

Glitches are an illusive thing for game inventors, especially when it comes to continually renovated games. occasionally they don’t come to light until an update goes live.

Since the Apex Legends Season 14 update went live, players have been passing some odd happenings after locking in their character.

For case, Ash has Loba’s capacities, voice lines, and robustness.

Apex Legends’ 14th season, Hunted, has arrived alongside new legend Vantage, but they are not the only new’ character’ —

this update also introduced a bug that gives characters other’s capacities, spawning posts about mongrels like” Ashloba” and” Gibby Octane” to name a couple.

In the Ashloba clip, Reddit stoner LiverPoisoningToast shows off some unique Ash gameplay where they use Loba’s teleport capability( thanks, GamesRadar).

They indeed have her ultimate. safe-deposit box to say that is not purposeful, but it’s not a one-off glitch.

It’s fairly wide with one stoner playing Valkyrie reporting Mirage’s capability, using their Bait politic.

Another managed to get Mirage’s capacities while playing as Newcastle which is twice broken as you are duplicating Newcastle’s model, not Mirage’s.

Beyond just being a frothy bug, there are some veritably real gameplay ramifications then.

When a Gibraltar is given the capability to use duplicates like Mirage, it can be veritably delicate to discern what’s what.

This isn’t an insulated incident, moreover. Multiple reports of players being affected in different ways by this bug.

And it’s insolvable to know which Legend’s capacities you’re wedged with until you’re formerly on the ground.

When Bangalore can Bloodhound checkup and Octane can toss out Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster, it’s hard to know what anyone’s going to attack you with.

Apex Legends has had its fair share of game-breaking bugs, some further serious than others.

A bug involving casting discovered in July made it insolvable to do anything after casting, basically ruining the rest of the game for that player.

There is also a clip of acidulous using Valkyrie’s ultimate capability as Reddit finds itself swamped with clips of legends using the wrong capacities and tactics.

still, Respawn is apprehensive of the glitch and indeed knows how it’s passing, so a fix is likely imminent.

While this bug isn’t game-breaking in the sense that it makes Apex Legends unplayable, it’s extremely disruptive.

At least it isn’t yet known what causes this bug, meaning that players can’t just pick and choose what Legends they want to “ combine ” using this strange glitch.

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