Galaxy Note 8 Physically Tested To The Limit, Can It Hold Up?

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 was announced a few weeks ago and by the look of it, the company has adopted the same approach as it did with Galaxy S8 and its bigger variant. It features a wrap around glass design at the front and back with metal frame in between. The device looks pretty sturdy and tough,  but can it really hold up to the burn, scratch and bend test? Let’s find out.

How Does The Galaxy Note 8 Hold Up To A Scratch And Burn Test?

JerryRigEverything is a channel on YouTube which has tested over 75 different smartphones over the year. This time around, the Galaxy Note 8 becomes a victim. Since the device is incorporated with a gigantic 6.3-inch display, it is viable to ask if it can hold the drops. The test will answer all your questions regarding the built of the device.

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Samsung has added the latest and greatest Corning Gorilla Glass 5 not just at the front, but at the back as well, which will provide it with enough protection. The camera and the flash are also covered with the same glass, preventing the device to bear anything thrown at it. One thing to note here is that even though Gorilla Glass 5 is scratch resistant, it definitely shatters. Moreover, as you can see in the video shared below, the fingerprint sensor can be easily scratched and damaged using a razor blade. However, you can also see that it has no impacts on the smartphone’s ability to register fingerprints to unlock the device.

We’re not sure if there’s a smartphone which has survived a burn test. Just like that the burn test has left a permanent mark on the Super AMOLED display of the Galaxy Note 8. However, another thing to note here at this point is that it has still held it together. Other smartphones could snap in half at this point. So should we call the Galaxy Note 8 a winner in the burn test? You decide! For more details, check out the video embedded below.

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All smartphones are prone to damage, it just the resisting abilities that make it better. If you are planning to get yourself a Galaxy Note 8, all the tests prove that it will be with you for a long time. However, since the glass takes up almost all of the space on the device, be sure not to drop it hard or at a certain angle to ruin its display.

Share your thoughts on the Galaxy Note 8’s durability test in the comments.


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