It is Unclear Why Rockstar Games Blocks Replies on Social Media After the Hacking Incident Comes in Front!

After Hacking Incident Rockstar Games Blocks Social Media Replies.

Grand Theft  6 inventor Rockstar Games has blocked replies on social media following the massive hack targeting the plant before in the week.

Rockstar Games Logo Grand Theft 6 inventor Rockstar Games is blocking replies on Twitter.

While the company hasn’t given a reason for this decision, it comes not long after the massive leak of the coming Grand Theft bus game.

On September 18, an apparent hacker blurted multitudinous vids, means, and indeed some of the law from the forthcoming Grand Theft bus 6.

Rockstar Games snappily began pulling the blurted content on brand grounds, latterly attesting that the leaks were genuine.

Rockstar blazoned two new buses and a variety of events and changes for Grand Theft bus Online.

The inventor blazoned the rearmost content over Twitter but took the unusual step of blocking replies.

Regard through Rockstar’s Twitter history confirms that the company only started doing so after Rockstar Games conceded the hack in a statement on Monday.

And while a single tweet hardly constitutes a trend, it seems veritably likely that the two events are related.

In the statement on Monday, Rockstar explained that the plant suffered a network intrusion orchestrated by a third party.

Said hacker, who’s believed to be part of the same group that targeted Uber before this month, immorally downloaded footage showing an early development figure for the forthcoming Grand Theft bus 6.

While not conceded by Rockstar’s sanctioned statement, the hacker or hackers also claimed to have access to GTA 5 and GTA 6’s source law.

still, there’s no substantiation that hackers have released moreover. Rockstar claims that the hack didn’t affect any of its live-service games and that the development of Grand Theft bus 6 continues as planned.

Still, it’s unclear why Rockstar blocked replies on its rearmost tweet.

The replies to the inventor’s former statement on Twitter were overwhelmingly positive, with utmost GTA suckers expressing support for the company.

Some indeed reflected that the blurted footage of Grand Theft bus 6 looked emotional, given its easily untreated state.

Of course, there was many negative or heckling comments, but nothing unusual for a tweet from a major game plant like Rockstar.

Still, that’s not to say the leaks have been entirely free of contestation moreover.

Some suckers blamed the early-nascence footage, putatively believing that it’s reflective of how Grand Theft Auto 6 will look upon the game’s release.

This includes some unflattering comparisons to the plates of Ubisoft’s 2016 game Watch Dogs 2.

Other examens feel to come from spectators not realizing that placeholder means and remedying textbooks weren’t part of the game’s UI.

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