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‘olivia Wilde is the Absolute Epitome of Female Hypergamy’ Jordan Peterson Criticizes ‘don’t Worry Darling’ Actress, Stating That She Married a Wealthy Prince.

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Olivia Wilde had also made numerous headlines since the release of her film Don’t Worry, Darling. She recently likened Chris Pine’s character in her film to psychologist Jordan Peterson. For the uninitiated, Peterson is one of the world’s most divisive figures due to his beliefs.

Olivia Wilde recently referred to the author as “King of the incels,” as an insult to the man. The author was not offended by being based on a movie character, and yet he did take this same incel insult personally.

Jordan Peterson, despite constant criticism, motivates young men (and women) to be the better ones of themselves.

Jordan Peterson Can’t Hold Back His Tears Over Olivia Wilde’s Incel Comment

Jordan Peterson has been relentlessly chastised for encouraging young men to take responsibility for their actions. Whereas telling boys to toughen up is not wrong, it is also necessary. Author as well as media personality Peterson, on the other hand, became emotional in response to Olivia Wilde’s recent remarks about him.

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Don’t worry, Darling directed by Wilde revealed that her film’s misogynistic cult leader antagonist was inspired by “this insane man, Jordan Peterson, who serves as the incel movement’s pseudo-intellectual hero.”

During a new interview with Piers Morgan in October, Peterson became emotional and cried as he described how this insult affected him. According to the author,

He stated,

“It’s difficult to comprehend how demoralized people are, and many young men are certainly in that category.” And then there are these informal insults, these ‘incels’ – what do they mean? It’s as if these men don’t understand how to make themselves appealing to women who are both picky and good for them. Women can be picky. That’s your talent, man. Set high expectations for your man. That’s all right.”

In addition, the author stated,

“But all these alienated men, it’s like they’re alone and don’t know what to do, and everyone heaps abuse on them.” That was a fairly low level of criticism at the time. I mean, once I was painted as ‘Red Skull,’ you know, a special mystical Nazi, the insults stopped. There’s nowhere else to go. So, once Olivia Wilde made those remarks, the first thing I did was go watch the trailer for a movie that I liked. ‘I’d probably go see that movie,’ I reasoned. And maybe I will. It didn’t bother me much.”

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In a different context, the term “incel” is widely used to refer to young white men who go on a shooting spree in the United States of America. They are disenfranchised, but they are also the most privileged social class in the history of mankind. Young white men have only recently begun to “suffer” since the true disenfranchised courses stood up for themselves.

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