The Haval H6 Phev From Gwm Has Been Launched Officially.

On September 28th, HAVAL H6 PHEV was officially launched. This is another achievement of GWM’s new power chain.

At the launch of HAVAL H6 PHEV, GWM’s CGO Li Ruifeng said, “HAVAL aims to become the most professional and valuable SUV brand in the new energy field.”

HAVAL H6 PHEV battery, power and many other highlights were showcased.

HAVAL H6 PHEV adopts “Core Armor” power battery, with high-strength steel body, heat insulation design and high-strength safety frame to reduce battery safety risk.

Built for performance with the L.E.M.O.N. DHT, HAVAL H6 PHEV can intelligently switch between 6 power modes, including EV, series connection, power direct drive, economic direct drive, parallel connection and power regeneration, so the motor is always in the highest energy efficiency zone stays at it.

“HAVAL H6 PHEV plug-in his hybrid his powertrain has greatly improved range and fuel economy,” said ifeng, a prominent Chinese media official.

The HAVAL H6 PHEV is currently on sale in China and will soon be available in Thailand.

In addition to this vehicle, GWM’s HAVAL H6 HEV, JOLION HEV and other new energy models have been introduced and recognized in the market worldwide. On September 2nd of this year, the H6 HEV and JOLION HEV produced at the Rayong New Energy plant in Thailand reached 10,000 units.

HAVAL’s rapid new energy transformation is inseparable from the layout of his GWM layout in the new energy industrial chain such as other one’s. 

“The technical integration of all departments in the chain has enabled HAVAL’s strong development,” Li Ruifeng said.

L.E.M.O.N. Developed by GWM, the DHT is a highly integrated petrol-electric hybrid system compatible with both HEV and PHEV powertrain architectures.

His SVOLT from GWM formed a comprehensive new power generation and R&D capability of battery materials, cells and modules, and officially entered the battery recycling field in September this year.

In addition, GWM has established an integrated supply chain ecology of “production-storage-transportation-transportation-application” in the field of hydrogen energy technology.

“The new energy economy has a very complex industrial chain system. If we want to become a major player in this field, we must create a healthy ecology for the new energy industry chain,” said the president of GWM global low-carbon automotive industry chain, including vehicle research and development, supply chain. 

Mu Feng said  the production, distribution, sale and use of vehicles, including disposal and recycling.

(GWM) is a privately held Chinese automaker headquartered in Baoding, Hebei Province. Founded in 1984, the company is now his eighth-largest automaker in China, and in 2021 he has sales of 1.281 million.

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