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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Could Be Completely Bezel-less

Rumors of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 has been leaking throughout the internet for a while. Even though Samsung is yet to unveil the Note 9 in a month’s time, all eyes are set for Samsung’s next big thing, the S10.

This far, we’ve learnt a ton about the Samsung Galaxy S10. A ton of those leaks have to be credited towards our trusty Ice Universe. His latest series of tweets alleges that the Samsung Galaxy S10’s screen-to-body ratio would “greatly improve”. Considering that, Samsung could actually make the S10 completely bezel-less. However, considering how conservative Samsung is regarding the headphone jack, selfie cameras and various other aspects, it seems like Samsung won’t push as far. I would suppose that they would completely cut off the chin. But hey, anything is possible for the 10th anniversary, right?

This leak joins a series of other S10 leaks. Considering that the Samsung Galaxy S10 would come in three varaints, codenamed Beyond 0, 1 and 2, I would love to see Samsung using one of those to actually try out the bezel-less design that we’ve been anticipated for this whole time.

These set of rumors are definitely giving us some idea of how Samsung wants to release their next big thing on their 10th anniversary. Given that the company has been ruling the Android market for a while and still is, it’s likely that there’s a whole goodie bag of shocks coming along with the launch of the S10 next year. Can’t wait to see what Samsung has in store with the S10 next year, that’s for sure. So keep your eyes peeled.

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