Here are the Top 11 Solutions to Fix Your Broken Twitch Alerts

Twitch is a Livestream location for gamers and fans of other activities. But there have been a lot of debates lately about Twitch’s “Go Live” announcements.

This post will show you how to repair your broken Twitch notifications if that applies to you. Live streamers rely on alerts being sent to their fans each time they go online; alternatively, they must publish the same information on Facebook or Twitter.

Many Twitch users, however, have been griping that they aren’t getting the notices promptly. The streamers, in contrast, hand, have observed that they do not receive a sufficient number of viewers each time they go live. So what exactly is the issue here? It appears that several problems could be the cause of your Twitch alerts not functioning.

Reinstalling the app, making a few minor adjustments to the settings, etc., might be necessary.

Twitch Notifications not working on Android, iPhone, or PC

1. Switch to another browser

Numerous customers have noted that while the Twitch alerts would function for other sites on their computers, they wouldn’t work for just one. So, if your computer has multiple browsers available, try logging into your Twitch account using a different browser.

2. Modifying Each Channel’s Notification Settings

Remember that you can set or disable “live ups” alerts for each channel separately. Therefore, if you don’t get alerts for a certain channel, see if notifications are turned on for that specific source.

3. The ‘Live Ups’ Alerts on Twitch don’t function

You must enable alerts for your selected notification networks in the Live section if you aren’t getting live updates for the streams you subscribe to. To choose whether notifications for Live Ups are enabled or disabled, simply navigate to Notifications Options.

4. Attempt reinstalling the Twitch App. 

Enter Control in the Windows Search field by selecting it and clicking. After that, select the Control Panel button to bring it up.   Next, uninstall the Twitch application by clicking on Uninstall a program.
The third step involves downloading and reinstalling the Twitch program.

5. Using Smart Alerts To Obtain Twitch Push Alerts Can Be Disabled or Enabled

If you are using the app and not getting any alerts, it’s likely because you have Smart notifications turned on. While you are using the app, these will send you on-site alerts rather than push notifications.

6. Try clearing the cache in your system.

Shift, Ctrl, and Delete are all simultaneously pressed.
Select “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached Images and Files.”
Afterward, click the Clear data button.

7. Revert Chrome to its default settings.

Go to the bottom of the settings window in the browser.
Choose the Advanced Options at the moment now, and after that, drop to the bottom.
Select Restore changes to their preset values. Reset Settings by clicking it.

8. Notification for Twitch Resubs.

Submitting a complaint to Twitch Support for not displaying. Visit the webpage for Twitch Support.
Enter your information, then jot down the issue.

9. Twitch does not deliver email alerts.

Enable email alerts once more.

10. Twitch notification issues with Android

On your Android smartphone, launch the Twitch mobile app. Click on Notifications in the Settings menu. Verify that the mobile notifications have been activated. Alternatively, you might access the options on your phone and select Apps & alerts. From the list of apps on your smartphone, locate the Twitch app. Click Twitch and then select Notifications.

11. Twitch notifications on iOS don’t operate

Open Twitch on your iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications and make sure that all of the mobile notifications are turned on. This will show you whether or not notifications are allowed on your apple device. Whether this doesn’t address the problem, delete Twitch from the App Store and reinstall it. Then log in once again to see if the situation has changed.

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