‘blood & Water’ Season 3: Ending, Explained – Will There Be a Season 4? Everything You Need to Know

Blood & Water, a South African teen drama thriller on Netflix, returns for its third season, and the stakes are certainly higher this time around. While all the current plot lines are settled with past secrets uncovered, this third season likewise has considerably more activity and desperate outcomes than previously.

The real perpetrators and their allies in the entire case are brought to light as Puleng and Fikile work together to uncover the entire truth about their forced separation from each other 18 years ago.

‘Blood and Water’ Season 3: Summary of the plot: What Takes Place in the Third Season?

It is mentioned that Nwabisa Bhele is still missing, and the events of the new season begin approximately three weeks after the conclusion of season 2. During the session break before the start of the new academic year, Parkhurst College High School students spend time alone.

After being accepted this time, Puleng’s younger brother Siya is also attending the same school. Lunga, Puleng’s cousin, is a new visitor to the Khumalo family. While he waits for his college to provide housing, he stays at his aunt’s house.

The majority of Parkhurst classmates and friends are also back, bringing the unresolved drama they encountered last time. While Puleng and Fikile try to find evidence that would support KB’s contention that his parents were involved in the human trafficking ring, KB is still not convinced that they were.

On a personal level, Puleng is still unsure whether she should choose Wade or KB as her boyfriend. Puleng is still determined to find the answers to the questions that have been haunting her for the past two seasons, despite these personal difficulties and the presumably mounting pressure of being in the eleventh grade.

Even though it had been established that she and Fikile were half-sisters, no one knew who or what Fikile’s biological father was. In addition, the criminals who had taken Fikile as a baby were still free of responsibility.

There had been rumors that Lisbeth Molapo was the main conspirator, but nothing had been proven, so she now steps in, returning to her husband Malta and son KB. Puleng and Fikile’s search for the truth is going to put them in more danger than ever before, as was expected from the buildup in the previous two seasons.

However, the sisters are still focused on exposing the entire human trafficking industry once and for all.

‘Blood and Water’ Season 3:Explained: At the conclusion, what happens to Puleng, Fikile, and the Molapos?

After Puleng is taken hostage once more, she manages to escape once more and inspires the remaining men and women to do the same. By this point, Detective Petersen, the second in command, had overheard Chris and KB talking about the name of the location where Puleng was supposedly being taken (they learned this name from Malta), and she also told Detective Vans about it.

Vans, who was already there to ensure the trafficking operation was carried out successfully, begins planning his escape. He kills the traffickers and acts like he saved Puleng before the police arrive, pretending he was there as part of his investigation.

The detective does get away temporarily, and he even receives an award for taking down the entire operation. Puleng receives treatment at the same hospital as Fikile and gradually recovers.

During this time, Fikile needed a liver transplant, which her biological father, Anthony Gabisa, took care of. Although Anthony did not make the decision the first time he was asked, Thandeka was able to persuade him to do so.

After resolving the majority of the main issues, “Blood & Water” set out to punish the last person who was responsible. Two pairs of headphones that were given to Siya Khumalo and KB by Lisbeth Molapo contained instruments for recording and tracking.

However, Siya’s pair occasionally recorded some of the conversations of the person listening to it when it was not working properly. The role Detective Vaans played in the trafficking ring was made clear through these audio recordings, and Detective Petersen’s police department immediately arrested him.

In addition to incriminating Lisbeth Molapo herself, these tapes appear to have saved Malta’s life, as his wife had wanted him killed to tie up loose ends. She is eventually taken into custody from the truck she was using to flee the country after the police begin their search for her.

Even though Sam Nkosana appears to have been beaten up, he and his mother Janet, who had been saved earlier at the harbor, are reunited.

What Can We Expect From Season 4 of “Blood & Water”?

Even though there has been no official confirmation of a fourth season, “Blood & Water” still wants to keep going. Although the series’ primary plots are successfully resolved and brought to an end, a cryptic scene at the very end introduces additional plots.

The trafficking gang’s headquarters are shown, and it’s clear that these criminals sell their victims as sex slaves and cheap labor as well as use them to make pornographic videos.

The investors are dissatisfied with the outcome, according to a man who appears to be the operation’s kingpin. Additionally, he reveals a recruit of his who had previously interacted with Parkhurst students at a pub.

Finally, Sam Nkosana appears to be the primary target of these criminals as screens are zoomed in and the company name New Horizons, which is a new form of the Point of Grace agency, becomes visible.

Even though the boy was brought back to safety at the very end of season 3 of “Blood & Water” and had also met his girlfriend Fikile, he may be the focus of the drama the next time around. I suppose we’ll just have to watch and see.

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