Is Prince William Having Second Thoughts On Kate Middleton Marriage? Prince of Wales Attends Ex Girlfriend’s Wedding, Ignores Meghan Markle Netflix Series Allegations…

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, was recently spotted attending the wedding of his ex-girlfriend Rose Farquhar in Gloucestershire. When they broke up, the former couple agreed to remain friends, despite having dated while they were attending university. On social media, people are now wondering if Prince William is reconsidering his marriage.

While his brother, Prince Harry, accused the royal of yelling at him in his most recent Netflix documentary, Harry & Meghan, the royal appeared to be having a good time at the wedding. During a conversation about his and his wife, Meghan Markle’s roles as royals, Prince Harry revealed that his brother yelled at him.

Prince William attended the wedding of his ex-girlfriend

According to reports, Prince William attended his ex-girlfriend Rose Farquhar’s recent wedding. Rose Farquhar, Prince William’s former girlfriend, married George Gemmell in Gloucestershire at St. Mary the Virgin Church.

They were together when Prince William was in college, but they ended their relationship and decided to stay friends. In April 2011, the royal tied the knot with Kate Middleton. According to sources, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by any of the claims Prince Harry, his brother, makes in his documentary.

Prince William, according to Prince Harry, yelled at him

Prince Harry revealed in the most recent episode of their Netflix documentary, Harry & Meghan, that his brother, Prince William, yelled at him while they were discussing their respective royal roles. “It was terrifying to have my brother scream and shout at me, and my father says things that just simply weren’t true, and my grandmother quietly sits there and sort of take it all in,” he said in the episode.

Sources claim that the Duke of Cambridge appeared unbothered as he attended the wedding, despite the fact that he has not publicly addressed Prince Harry’s allegations.

The feeling that Meghan Markle was “being fed to the wolves”

Meghan Markle revealed in the most recent episode of the documentary that the royal family considered her to be a “foreign organism.” Her confidential secretary told her,

“This is how things have been fishing that is swimming impeccably, and afterward one day this unfamiliar creature comes in, and afterward the whole thing goes ‘what is that? What is it doing here? We don’t like it, so get it off of us because it doesn’t look or move like us.

The Duchess of Sussex revealed later in the episode that she felt like she was “being fed to the wolves.” “I realized that I wasn’t just being thrown to the wolves, but I was also being fed to the wolves,” she said. She referred to the mainstream British media as wolves.

Netflix is streaming the six-episode first two parts of Harry & Meghan right now.

As the prince was seen attending the wedding of his ex-girlfriend Rose Farquhar to George Gemmell, the prince’s most recent outing has made headlines.

Express reported that when the new Prince of Wales arrived at St. Mary the Virgin church in Gloucestershire, he appeared to ignore Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix series.

Kate Middleton was neither spotted with her husband nor mentioned by any media outlet as being present at the ceremony, so it is likely that Prince William was the only person in attendance.

The former couple’s romance made headlines because they dated for years while they were at university. They eventually agreed, however, to remain friends.

During his conversation with the Daily Mail, Rose’s father, Captain Ian Farquhar, informed the publication of the wedding news: In the future, he could not be a more charming son-in-law.

We’ve known the Gemmells for a long time. We are beyond thrilled.”

Meanwhile, Prince William was recently accused by the Duke of Sussex of shouting at him during his series.

However, according to The Mirror, the father of three appeared unperturbed by the claims, appearing “relaxed” when “he arrived at the happy event despite the claims.”

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