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The Iconic Main Character of Captain Jack Sparrow, Played by Johnny Depp, Was on the Verge of Ending After Amber Heard Ruined His Career

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Instead of his professional work activities, Johnny Depp has made news this year due to his legal issues. When he went to court against his ex-wife Amber Heard, who charged him of domestic violence and against whom he countersued for defamation, it was all the rage early in 2022. Disney was compelled to remove Johnny Depp from prospective Pirates of the Caribbean ventures due to the uproar.

He was acquitted after the trial, but he is not thinking about going back as Captain Jack Sparrow since, in his words, he felt betrayed by their choice. The actor himself stated that he wanted to give his character a decent finish, thus this is in answer to that.

The Pirates of the Caribbean film series producer Jerry Bruckheimer has revealed his wish in this regard.

Will POTC kill off Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow?

As Johnny Depp heals from his historic court battles with Amber Heard, producer Jerry Bruckheimer talks about the prospect of killing off the Jack Sparrow persona. For his depiction of the oddball pirate captain in the first film, Depp was nominated for a Golden Globe. This even aided him in becoming the leading man for Disney’s swashbuckling series, which is based on a theme park ride.

All five Pirates of the Caribbean movies would have included Sparrow in the title role. Due to the relatively unfavorable critical and commercial reaction to his most recent picture, Dead Men Tell No Tales, this situation became rather precarious. Well, Bruckheimer had a lengthy conversation with the Hollywood Reporter about the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise’s future. The producer brushed off the possibility that Depp’s Jack Sparrow will be killed off when asked about it.

He responded You can’t murder Captain Jack Sparrow, remembering that they had tried before and it had failed. We attempted to murder him. It failed to work.

Is Johnny Depp Considering Re-Entry into POTC?

The news that Johnny Depp would be forced to withdraw from the project due to his legal dispute with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, did not please the fans. He nevertheless played a crucial part in each of the franchise’s five movies. After the slander trial concluded in the actor’s favor, his supporters begged him to retake over the part of Sparrow. One of the world’s highest-paid performers, he is well recognized for being.

Even though the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel remains in the works, Bruckheimer is optimistic that Johnny Depp will return for a subsequent episode.

He did add, though, that Disney’s current top priority is the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. Depp also appeared to rule out the chance of his comeback by saying that he would reject a $300 million deal to resume the role of Jack Sparrow in the most previous case between him and Heard.

The Golden Globe winner cited his strained relationship with Disney as the reason he wasn’t interested in coming back for Pirates of the Caribbean. However, he hasn’t mentioned his probable return again during the six months after he won his trial.


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