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A Splatoon 3 Gamer Recently Shared an Imaginative Concept for a New Salmon Run Boss, Sure to Offer Gamers Hours of Excitement and Challenge.

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Sri ragavi newton
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A fan of the Salmon Run mode in Splatoon 3 suggests a new boss based on one of the game’s unique weapons.

A fan has come up with the idea for a new boss for the Salmon Run mode of Splatoon 3. Salmon Run made its debut in Splatoon 2, and it made a comeback in Splatoon 3 with a new set of bosses and maps.

Salmon Run is a horde-style mode in which players must fight Salmonids for at least three rounds to collect golden eggs. Lesser Salmonids, which travel in groups and use melee attacks, are the primary enemies encountered; however, in order to obtain golden eggs, players must fight Salmon Run bosses from Splatoon 3 which each have their own unique abilities. After that, these eggs must be gathered and placed in a basket before the time runs out.

The Drizzler boss, whose ability is similar to that of the Ink Storm weapon, and the Big Shot boss, whose ability is similar to that of the Wave Breaker, are two examples of boss abilities in Salmon Run that are based on special weapons in Splatoon 3 multiplayer.

A Salmon Run fan who goes by the username Sharkino0710 on Reddit shared their idea for a new boss, the Stewdrone. It looks like it was made to look like a salmon stew pot, but it has propellers on both sides and a big vacuum tube coming from the bottom.

[OC] A new Boss Salmonid has been discovered! from splatoon

The Stewdrone’s creator provided some specifics regarding the boss’s function in an update post. The Ink Vac is a special weapon that, at a short range, vacuums up players’ ink. This would be its primary ability.

To defeat it, players would throw a Splat Bomb into its vacuum, which would clog the tube and let players blast at the Salmonid through the lid. This strategy for defeating a boss in Splatoon 3 Salmon Run is most comparable to that of Maws and Flyfish, which are both best defeated by carefully throwing the Splat Bomb.

Splatoon 3 has been updated with new content since its launch, like other online multiplayer games, including a new Salmon Run map. However, the addition of brand-new Salmon Run bosses that make use of brand-new weapons and special abilities could bolster these additions and change the game’s meta.

This and other fan creations demonstrate that Salmon Run bosses still have a lot of untapped potential. With the release of the game’s Chill Season in December 2022, Splatoon 3 has only received one major content patch at this time. As a result, Nintendo still has plenty of time to improve the game’s current offerings.

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