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“Destiny2Community” Twitter Account Was Launched By Bungie For Players Engagement. Now Players Can Be More Actively In The Game.

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Ever since last week when Bungie launched its latest blog post, “Bungie’s 2022 Year in Review”, many players and fans have been anxiously waiting for something to be announced.

Over the past few months, everyone has been hoping to see some news on some of these exciting updates that we got excited about back in January last year. It seems like Bungie is now moving towards this goal and here at The Gamer, we are eagerly awaiting any word from them.

As usual, the developers of Destiny 2 would not make us wait more than a day longer. And even though they did give us plenty of information about what lies ahead, very few details were given about how these changes will affect our favorite games.

However, one of those details was revealed recently with the launch of their second account on Twitter. Before we delve into all of this information, let us first look at what the current player’s profile looks like on Twitter right now.

Now, after looking at the above account’s profile screen capture, it doesn’t look too different from what you would find on most other game account profiles. We already know that every time an individual steps away from playing Destiny 2 for long enough, chances are that they do so because of a negative experience or lack of patience from their teammates.

They also know that being active in the chat is a necessity for keeping up their engagement with others as well as getting support in general. Even if they don’t talk much amongst themselves regularly, having an active presence online helps keep them informed about recent happenings and upcoming events.

However, to facilitate easier communication between the two groups, Bungie has introduced another Twitter account called “Destiny2Community”, which does exactly what its name suggests. This means that the people who currently hold these profile pictures are the ones who will represent the main group of players.

As such, there will be multiple posts per person, each containing links to specific articles and videos specifically designed to help them improve their gameplay while providing them with fresh challenges that can get them closer to winning a crown and becoming part of the elite gaming team.

That being said, there won’t be as many tweets per person, but we will still get to see how all of these different communities interact with one another. All of this information will only come out during their normal tweeting schedule so expect frequent announcements from the development team over the coming days regarding how these additional communities are shaping up.

From everything looked at so far, it’s clear that the future of Destiny 2 feels bright. There is no doubt that there is more content coming soon and that more surprises lie ahead as the anticipation builds.

Regardless of whether everyone can finally play all 12 maps that were originally included in Season 5, we already have high hopes for this season. Now, this brings us to where we are now. What next? Will we ever see a complete overhaul of the map design for the entire franchise? Do I still need to buy items again to be awarded better rewards and prizes? Or will the meta-game elements be expanded further into future seasons?

Although none of these questions are answered, we can all agree that these future moves will impact our lives in significant ways. At least that is the assumption we are currently holding onto based on how things have gone thus far.

Regardless, until we learn everything that comes along with these newly added features, we will likely just enjoy doing the things we are used to while watching our friends battle through various tasks. So for now, if nothing else, please stay tuned for more news as it arises.

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