Is rapper Rob49 still alive or dead? What Really Occurred in Miami Gardens: Defining Shooting!! Explained

During a French Montana music video, massive gunfire erupted, resulting in a horrifying scene in which multiple people are said to have been injured. On January 5, 2022, he was shooting a music video at a restaurant in Miami Gardens when he heard the gunshot. Fans were curious about Rob49’s health when rapper Ced Mogul revealed to the publication that he was one of those shot last night. Is he alive or dead? Let’s investigate!

What Really Occurred in Miami Gardens: Defining Shooting

Numerous people were shot outside a restaurant on Thursday night in Miami Gardens, Florida (local time). According to media sources, rapper French Montana was reportedly filming a music video nearby when the incident occurred.

Rapper Rob49
Rapper Rob49

Miami Gardens Police say that a fight that started somewhere else ended up at the restaurant The Licking, where a shooting occurred. Numerous victims had been injured, according to officials. In the wake of the shooting, numerous local eateries and stores were forced to close.

There were numerous police cars and fire-rescue vehicles on the scene, but the exact number of victims has not been confirmed by authorities. However, sources cited by local news outlets claim that at least ten people were injured.

According to a nearby news source, the police arrived by 8 p.m., but no one has been taken into custody yet. As the shooting occurs outside of a restaurant called The Licking in the 17600 block of Northwest 27th Avenue in Miami Gardens, Florida, the injured can be seen lying on the ground. The event has already been captured on video and spread widely online.

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Statement from the Orleans Police Department: “The situation is still under investigation. According to MGPD detective Diana Gorge, there are indeed a number of shootings and cases. We continue to work. They are still investigating everything, so we are unable to confirm any figures at this time.

However, Montana’s bodyguard has also been injured and appears to be fighting for his life. According to Royal Intel, the gunfire injured approximately ten people; however, the identities of the additional victims have not yet been made public. The Ryder Trauma Center has been called in several people.

Is Rapper Rob49 Dead or Alive?

Rob49, a well-known rapper from New Orleans who is only 23 years old, was shot during the terrifying encounter on January 5, 2023. He was in Miami filming the music video for French Montana. The fact that Rob49 was able to flee and is currently safe and unharmed is the best part. According to the report, he is still being treated by doctors at the hospital. In response to the incident, music journalist Nicholas Liddle tweeted that Rob49 is doing well.

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Robert Thomas, better known by his stage name Rob49, was born on March 6, 1999. He is best known for his songs about street hustlers and powerful visuals that were inspired by his own experiences.

In the music business, he has established a successful career. His initial goal was to become a nurse, but in the end, he decided to make rapping a successful career. Meek Mill, Future, and The Weeknd had a significant impact on him. His parents were both in prison when he was a teenager.

Even though he didn’t start recording music until 2020, he was also very fond of rapping. However, he began participating in regular sessions after his abilities were demonstrated during a recording session with one of his friends.

After that, his entire existence and personality underwent a profound transformation. Rob49 started releasing songs like “Krazy Man,” “Vulture,” and “4our the World” to contribute to his mixtapes. He released another project in 2021 titled 4GOD, which was followed by Welcome to Vulture Island, which was his first studio album. Due to the popularity of these cassettes, the rapper now collaborates with Say Cheese creator Shawn Cotton and Lamar Peters.


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