Monster Hunter Is All Set With Classic Monster Called “Kiefer” ! Improve The Reviews Of PS 5 And Much More.

Welcome to the world of Monster Hunter! I am a fan of this franchise so have been eagerly awaiting news that Monster Hunter Rise is finally on its way to us. While there are a few minor issues with this game, this first entry in the mega-crossover will be worth checking out.

With the release date set for September 9th, 2022, we will be getting our hands on one of many updates, like the addition of new characters such as Kiefer and Meifu, and more info about some of the side quests and secrets are hidden among the depths of every game. Let’s dive into it.

How To Grab Your Game?

Monster Hunter Rise’s latest update means you can now grab it from either Google Play or Steam, without even needing an internet connection. This is great news for anyone who has never had the chance to play this amazing JRPG before! You can sign up through Xbox Store or Apple App store to get your free copy.

Once you download and install you will receive special codes to unlock the full version. If you do not want to buy anything directly from them, you are still able to check your email and find out when your free version will be delivered to you.

Your FREE GAME!! Be sure to let me know what you think about this game.

About Inception

Monster Hunter Rise starts with familiar locations such as Camp Soma where you meet Hidetuki, Meifu, and other friendly NPCs. These three NPCs lead us step-by-step back in time, meeting some very important players that would follow later on.

From here on we are taken deeper into the dungeon and meet interesting creatures, including the classic monster called “Kiefer”. This creature was found only in Japan years ago and has become a somewhat iconic beast at large.

It possesses supernatural powers and will appear in various forms depending on how it is treated.

We meet Kiefer during his transformation to understand him better. He wants to help create peace amongst humans and seeks to reach out to both animal companions and human beings around him, in hopes of finding love in return.

As he progresses through the stages of life (or so they claim), the mysterious creature transforms itself into something completely different – almost any creature that you have ever encountered before.

What makes Kiefer even further strange is that he cannot transform himself unless he hears someone else speak the same language as him.

Meifu seems to have met his companion early on in their adventure, but Kiefer eventually begins his journey, seeking to connect with humanity in hope of becoming its leader.

His interest is quickly piqued by this fact, and as he becomes interested in learning more about his surroundings, Meifu and Kiefer fall in love.

With two people who care deeply for each other and are both willing to learn and grow, Meifu decides to join forces with her.

However, just as Meifu enters her home to spend quality time with her family, she discovers that another character has also entered, Kiefer, who joins forces with her in trying to destroy the evil monster living inside his chest. From then on, things go downhill fast.

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