Outside a Miami-area Restaurant Where French Montana Was Filming a Video, at Least 10 People Were Injured. Shocking Truth

According to statements issued by the restaurant and Miami Dade Fire Rescue (MDFR), at least 10 people were injured in a shooting outside a Miami Gardens, Florida, restaurant where rapper French Montana was filming a music video.

DJ Khaled’s multi-location restaurant group The Licking said, “Our hearts are heavy and go out to the victims of this senseless act.”

“We were unaware that a video was being recorded until the very last minute when we discovered that French Montana was filming a scene in the back parking lot. The statement continued, “We have no idea what actually occurred.” The Licking restaurant has provided the requested footage and denied involvement in the incident.

MDFR says that after receiving reports of a large-scale casualty incident, emergency personnel was sent out just before 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

“When firefighters arrived, they discovered a number of traumatized patients. Firefighters also encountered additional injured patients outside of a nearby fire station, in addition to the injured patients at the initial location, according to emergency officials.

At least 10 Injured Outside Miami Restaurant Where French Montana was Recording a Video
At least 10 Injured Outside Miami Restaurant Where French Montana was Recording a Video

On Thursday night (Jan. 5), gunfire broke out outside a restaurant in Miami Gardens, Florida, wounding ten people, according to witnesses, during a video shoot for French Montana.

WSVN 7 reports that Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and Miami Gardens Police responded to reports of shots fired at The Licking Gardens during an incident that reportedly involved three different crime scenes; At the time of press, neither of the other two scenes was known.

7News reported that MGPD detective Diana Gorgue said Thursday night that police were still working the scene, which involved “multiple shots… multiple cases,” with four victims reportedly being airlifted to a local trauma center and four others transporting themselves to a hospital.

7News also reported that four others were transporting themselves to a hospital. Witnesses informed police that Montana was filming a music video outside of The Licking when gunfire broke out.

One witness stated that they came to watch Montana’s video production, during which a bystander allegedly had his watch, keys, and wallet was stolen. Witness Ced Mogul, a local rapper, stated, “He asked to] call his mother to see if we can get spare car keys and make sure, you know, he is OK. Then the gunshots went off.” a minimum of 13, 14, or 15 gunshots. It moved quickly and made the sound of an assault rifle.

According to 7News, it was not clear at the time of press time whether someone had fired into the crowd or whether there had been a gun battle. I started running away, and as I looked back, I thought, “You know what? Let me duck first, and then people began asking, “Can you help me?” Mogul stated, When you were shot, there was nothing I could do about the fact that people were asking for assistance.

According to NBC6, the police said that a fight that started at a different location ended at the restaurant, where New Orleans rapper Rob49 was reportedly one of the victims.

At the time of press, it was not clear where Montana was when he was shot, though it appears that he did not sustain any injuries; At the time of publication, neither a spokesperson for Montana nor a public information officer for the Miami-Dade Police Department had responded to a request for information regarding the investigation.

According to TMZ, a witness said that Montana’s security team quickly and safely got the MC out of the area after the gunfire broke out.

Mogul also shared a video with a local NBC affiliate that he claimed showed Montana, dressed in a red shirt, looking at various outfit options in the backseat of a car. The video was reportedly shot just before the filming began.

Coke Boys 6, the most recent installment in Montana’s long-running Coke Boys series, was released on Friday morning (Jan. 6). In addition to A$AP Rocky, Benny the Butcher, Kodak Black, Max B, King Combs, Est Gee, Jeremih, and others, guest spots were also included. In Instagram and Twitter posts on Thursday morning, the rapper promoted the mixtape, but at press time, he did not appear to have commented on the shooting.



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