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We’re Thrilled to Announce Un-social Learning on Flom Video! For More in-depth Information, Please Check Us Out.

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Sri ragavi newton
Sri ragavi newton
hello guys. I am sri ragavi newton. am pursuing my bachelor's in BSc chemistry. I love to read books, novels, and articles and that made me inspire me to learn new things and made me publish articles. The concept of someone writing for a living remains nebulous, especially if the person is not tethered to a newspaper, magazine, or some other entity that bestows a title. Many people can’t picture a job that doesn’t require a trip through rush hour traffic to an office park. So I feel like I have to detail my job to justify it.

Introducing Un-Social learning on FLOM Video, the new online learning competitor to Skillshare and MasterClass is now available. FLOM Video is revolutionizing the way people learn new skills and pursue their passions. It has many of the same features as these popular platforms as well as some additional features.

The capability for students to communicate in real-time with course creators via instant messaging is one of FLOM Video’s standout features. This provides individualized support and feedback during the learning process, which is unavailable on other platforms. Additionally, course creators can generate additional revenue by selling their own products to their students through the marketplace.

However, Un-Social learning on FLOM Video is for creators as well as learners. The platform is currently accepting applications from creators worldwide, regardless of their native language, with a focus on courses in artisanal skills and craftsmanship. In addition, in order to assist these creators, Un-Social Video is providing qualified applicants who require assistance starting out with substantial discounts on high-end cameras and production equipment.

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Free and premium courses will be available on FLOM Video, with premium courses requiring a subscription fee. All Un-Social Video courses are available to subscribers, and they can participate in community projects and discussions. Only a limited number of free courses are available to non-subscribers, and they are unable to participate in community events.

FLOM Video is a great resource for people who want to learn new skills or improve their existing ones, as well as for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses. It’s also good for everyone because it gives creators a chance to share their expertise with a global audience. Join FLOM today to take advantage of this innovative platform and begin learning something new.

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The FLOM platform’s creators, Qrios, Inc., coined the term “un-social” to describe a user on a network that does not adhere to a conventional social network model. Additionally, Un-Social networks aim to disrupt the traditional social industry by providing valuable, multicultural, open, and multigenerational options where anyone, anywhere can earn a living online.


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