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Google Has Revealed That Tasks Will Now Act as the Ultimate Hub for All Your Reminders. Uncover the Details Today

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Sri ragavi newton
Sri ragavi newton
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Google does a great job of making people confused by making multiple apps do the same thing in different ways that don’t always match. This has been a problem with the company’s video-calling apps in the past and now, though it has mostly been resolved.

Since then, the company has decided to implement a second solution for users of Reminders on any of its apps: switching them from Google Assistant and Calendar reminders to Tasks.

Although the move was made public in September, we have only recently received a comprehensive timetable for these significant modifications. Additionally, as you can see right now, every Google user is affected.

For users who have not manually migrated their reminders from Calendar and Assistant to Tasks, Google will begin the process on May 22. Instead of making reminders visible across multiple apps, the idea is to let users access all of their reminders from a single app.

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They will also be referred to individually as tasks and be actionable in a single location. Google stated in a Friday post on the Workspace Updates blog that this change would also allow users to set tasks from other Workspace apps like Chat, Gmail, Docs, and so on.

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Beginning on March 6, personal account holders will be notified of the migration via a prompt on their screens. However, Google does not have a specific date for when their data will be automatically migrated; the company is merely stating “Q2,” but the company promises to provide additional information in the future.

Source: Google

To ensure a “smooth transition” during this process, Workspace organizations are advised to keep the Tasks service turned on. Then, beginning on April 12, they can allow their members to begin voluntarily migrating their reminders to Tasks. You can also use Google Takeout to export your reminders from Assistant and Calendar.

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Users will lose all of their reminders and to-dos when Google deletes this data on June 22 if the Tasks service toggle is turned off.

It’s important to point out that, despite the fact that Assistant and Calendar reminders are moving to Google Tasks, users can still use the two services to create reminders or to-dos as they are.

In addition, Google Keep reminders would remain unaffected and have no connection whatsoever to the Tasks reminder migration. After the migration, however, the reminders you created on Keep will no longer appear in Google Calendar.

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