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The Youtube Video Attempted to Deceive Viewers by Claiming It Was the Inaugural Recording. Make Sure You Know All of the Facts and Fine Print Before Believing Its Claims.

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In the modern world, YouTube is considered one of the best and most important entertainment apps on Android. YouTube was first started with the platform co-founder Jawed Karim’s video which was uploaded 18 years back and named “Me at the zoo”.

In a very recent update, an imposer video was also titled named as “Welcome to YouTube”. A bug was planned to be exploited so that Karim’s upload can be stolen and he could come into the limelight. Though YouTube looked at it and was very much quick to respond to the situation.

The video of Karim was just a clip of 19 seconds. The video showed that it was an elephant enclosure at the San Diego Zoo. The show was talking about the animal’s long trunk. The revered piece is of internet history. The exploited video was almost made similar to look like an announcement of YouTube’s launch. The Aesthetic video was set for Van Helen’s Jump. The spoofed upload was made on April 5, 2005, weeks before Karim’s upload. A believable prank was also made.

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A Period-correct was made. Plenty of telltale signs are there to Welcome to YouTube. At the time of writing, for instance, there were more than 361000 views at the time of writing. While Jawed video got a view of 253 million views. Their original account was created several months after the release of the first-ever upload.

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In the updates, it was said that YouTube wasn’t happy about Welcome YouTube. The spotlight was a form of Karim’s video. Shared the platform acknowledged issues as well.

Finally, it’s time for the Welcome to YouTube to be officially released and displayed on YouTube on 26 January 2023. Now it had been confirmed as an unlisted video. An unlisted video means it can be found through a dedicated link only. The bug seemed to have patches as well. It had 15 minutes of fame as well.

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