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Unraveling the Mystery of Xana Kernodle’s Death After DoorDash Delivery: Jasmine Kernodle Shares Startling Details

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Here comes another piece of death news Xana Kernodle had been officially confirmed dead. In the investigation, it was found that she was killed badly in an off-campus house near the university. These murder cases took place in November last year. Her family members claimed that she was a very funny and jolly girl who was loved by everyone all around.

Jasmine Kernodle said that she had just turned into the age bracket of 20 and it was loved to be surrounded by her best friends. Her sister said that she gets very little chance to meet her. At a very young age, Xana had already made her old sister proud. Jasmine also confirmed that she had a long life to lead but unluckily everything ended.

Confirming the news of her younger sister’s death she claimed that Xana was founded stabbed on November 13 along with her university friends. All these guys’ family members charged a student for the murder. The student was a Ph.D. student named Bryan Kohberger.

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Kernodle was from Avondale but for her studies, she moved to Post Falls. The place was 25 km away from Spokane. As a newcomer, she was a junior in college, and in the subject department, her major was marketing. In college, she was also a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority.

Xana Kernodle was also good in sports as she used to play volleyball, track, and soccer until she graduated. For her graduation, she also specially decorated her motorboats.

Xana also had work experience as well. She is from the Mad Greek Restaurant and used to work as a server. Along with all these, she had several years of work experience as well. Xana Kernodle was a dog lover and always believed in spending time with family members and going on tours with them. In December the media, Jazzmin also confirmed that Xana loved to stay in Moscow with her friends. In November Gonclave and two others were able to survive the attack.



Jasmine brokenly said that losing her was the biggest loss. On the other hand, she was proud of her friends and friendships. Xana along with her studies was also dating Chapin as well. Chapin was a student at the University of Idaho. Both of these guys were friends before they officially became couples. Jasmine also confirmed that Xana in the summer was spending time with Chapin’s family only.

While in the ending lines, Jasmine mentioned that Xana and Chapin attended a party on the Night of November 12. From there they went back to Xana’s rental house. In the early morning, Xana received a delivery at 4 am. While returning to bed she was using her cellphone and was in Tiktok. The investigators confirmed that Xana and Chapin were found dead on the second floor of the house.

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