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Jesse Eli James’s Intimidating Tactics Unleash Chaos: Step-Mother Sandra Disturbed and Ex-girlfriend Threatened

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Jesse Eli James made his stepmom upset with her brutal actions of thinking. Jesse James is one of the famous entrepreneurs and one of the modern Tv personalities as well. In recent updates, she reportedly said that she was in trouble again. In 2003 Sandra Bullock once dated Jesse James. Later in that year, she became the stepmother of Jesse Eli James Jr.

The Actress still is in deep thinking because of the human her son is becoming. Recent statements claimed that Eli James Jr was arrested in the past for threatening her ex-girlfriend.

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Some officers also claimed that Jesse Eli James had a very lengthy criminal record. Firstly they said that Jesse Eli and Lucee Peterson’s maintained a very rocky kind of relationship from January 2020 to April 21.

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After breaking up with her he was arrested as reports claimed he used to her as well. The officers of the cell had given him a clear order to wear a GPS tracker and stay away from Peterson. Unluckily he was again arrested for the charges of Domestic Violence as well.

For the protection of Lucee Peterson, he was arrested and straightaway safety orders were issued. Due to these orders, he was kept for four days in prison.

As soon as he got bail he threaten her ex by sending more than 50 messages. Due to disturbances and other problems though not officially stated he was again sentenced to jail for two days.

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A very close source claimed Sandra Bullock had officially revealed that he is in deep doubt and shared her feelings regarding the arrest of her son and the threatening messages he sent to her girlfriend.

Sandra said to the sources that she is really upset as she is a mother how can she wish of harming anybody else who is a woman? She finally revealed that they got separated in 2010 as resources claimed to cheat on Bullock.

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