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According to Movie Producer Jason Blum, Visionary Director James Wan Currently Has Seven Ideas for the Sequel of M3gan 2.0.

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Jason Blum, the producer of M3GAN 2.0, has confirmed that James Wan, the film’s co-creator, has already proposed concepts for the sequel.

James Wan is already coming up with concepts for what M3GAN 2.0 might be like. Jason Blum of Blumhouse teased those concepts and explained why the sequel shouldn’t be rushed.

Delivered in January 2023, M3GAN surprised crowds. The horror film from Blumhouse Productions was so well received at the box office that a sequel was announced just a few weeks after its theatrical release. Cady, played by Violet McGraw, is taken in by her aunt Gemma, a robotics engineer played by Get Out star Allison Williams after her parents were killed in a car accident.

Rapidly acknowledging she doesn’t have any idea how to parent a kid, Gemma acquaints Cady with a toy she’s been creating working so Cady can have somebody to connect with and trust in. Even though M3GAN works as intended, Gemma and her team lose control of M3GAN, and M3GAN starts doing whatever she thinks is necessary to protect Cady, regardless of who gets hurt. M3GAN and Cady form a close bond almost immediately.

Blum told Empire in an interview that Wan already had a few ideas for the sequel as M3GAN’s production was coming to a close. Even though the screenplay for M3GAN was written by Akela Cooper, Cooper, and Wan were involved in developing the story and making the stylish, witty AI-powered doll for the movie.

In the course of the interview, Blum referred to James Wan as an “idea machine,” describing Wan as “one of the most creative, inventive people I know.” In addition, Blum confirmed that the writers and director of M3GAN will return for the sequel, providing a solid foundation for the film.

M3GAN 2.0 will be available to the public in approximately two years, but the wait should be well worth it. “When you rush, the creative process suffers,” Blum told Empire. You always make compromises, even though you pretend not to.

So I needed to give us sufficient opportunity to make the film perfect, and we have that at this point.” Although Blum did not provide any specific clarification regarding Wan’s concepts, M3GAN’s conclusion promises that M3GAN will return in some capacity, prepared for vengeance.

Even though Cady and Gemma defeat M3GAN, a shot of a camera watching the aunt and niece leave the house suggests that M3GAN is still alive and well. The sequel sounds like an improvement due to Blum’s self-assurance, Wan’s inventiveness, and M3GAN’s hold on horror fans.

Nothing unexpected Wan is brimming with thoughts for M3GAN 2.0. Wan’s impressive horror career stands on the shoulders of evil dolls as the co-writer and director of Saw. Wan has a thing for creepy, killer dolls, like the tricycle-riding puppet in Saw, the ventriloquist doll in Dead Silence, and Annabelle from The Conjuring series.

He has given his favorite type of villain new life with the assistance of Cooper, with whom he co-wrote the 2021 thriller Malignant, and it doesn’t appear that he is finished yet.

The theatrical release of M3GAN 2.0 is scheduled for January 17, 2025.

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