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Actress Morfydd Clark Stands Up to Online Criticism: Get the Inside Scoop on What Really Happened.

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By now, everyone is familiar with the story of Morfydd Clark and her role as Galadriel in Amazon Prime’s The Lord of the Rings series. The young actress was widely praised for her performance in the show, but also heavily criticized for her portrayal of the beloved character. Although Clark has defended her performance, the trolls and criticism keep coming.

What Happened?

Morfydd Clark was cast as Lady Galadriel in the Prime Video adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Her portrayal of the powerful elf was widely praised. Unfortunately, there was also a vocal minority of fans who felt that her performance was lacking.

These critics took to social media to express their displeasure. They called out Clark for her “wooden” acting and accused her of ruining the beloved character. The trolls even created a hashtag, #MorfyddClarkIsOver, to spread their message.

The actress was inundated with hate and criticism. Not only was she attacked on social media, but she was also the subject of numerous articles and videos criticizing her performance.

Morfydd Clark’s Response

Morfydd Clark was subjected to a torrent of hateful comments, but she refused to be silenced. Instead, the actress responded with grace and dignity.

In an interview with the BBC, Clark admitted that she was upset by the criticism but refused to be defined by it. She said, “I’ve had to develop a thick skin, but I’m still human and it still hurts.”

The actress also said that she was proud of her performance and that she felt that she had done justice to the character. “I worked really hard to bring my own interpretation of the character to life,” she said. “I hope that people can appreciate that.”

The actress also addressed her critics directly, saying, “I don’t think it’s helpful to lash out at people who don’t like my work. I’d rather focus on the people who do.”


Morfydd Clark was subjected to a torrent of hate and criticism for her portrayal of Lady Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings. Although she was hurt by the comments, she refused to be defined by them.

Instead, the actress responded with grace and dignity, expressing pride in her performance and thanking those who supported her. Clark’s response is a reminder that no matter how much we are attacked, we can always choose to rise above it.

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