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In a disheartening shock to viewers, Survivor 44 episode 3 concluded with the elimination of Claire Rafson.

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The third episode of Survivor season 44 aired on CBS on March 15 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.
Claire Rafson, a member of team Soka, was voted off the show in the episode. For the third time in a row, Soka prevented her from participating in the daily challenge.

Danny and Josh also discussed how to keep their pack stronger by directly targeting Claire and using Matt as a decoy.

Despite the pressure from the team, Josh was forced to vote Claire out. Frannie said that Josh could not be trusted and tried to get the tribe to focus on his actions. Claire also learned about Josh and Danny’s plan, so she decided to get Heidi’s vote to keep Heidi from being kicked out. Heidi said that she wasn’t sure about her vote, and she said that Josh was stronger than Claire.

In the tribal, Claire offered a defense, arguing that it was in the group’s best interest to skip the challenges. She also pleaded with them to give her a chance to demonstrate her worth, adding:

“Working together and trusting one another is the only thing that makes a tribe strong.”
She chose the “shot in the dark” option when she quickly realized that no one was taking her seriously. “Not safe” was also written on the scroll. Matt couldn’t decide in favor of her because of his “two forfeited votes,” thus she was wiped out by the leftover four individuals from the Saki bunch.

After just seven days, Survivor viewers were disappointed to see Claire Rafson leave the show.

“So much plotted against Claire”: Fans of Survivor are upset that Claire is being targeted by her tribe. Members of the Soka tribe believed that Claire was a “liability” for the team and couldn’t do well in challenges. However, they were reminded by Survivor fans that she was not given the chance to demonstrate her worth. On Twitter, numerous posts in support of Claire were posted.

CBS’ description of Survivor season 44 episode 3 read as follows:

“One tribe could easily target a blossoming romance; One wanderer attempts to persuade the tribe that they are worthy of a second chance.

After Carson’s surprise the week before, Sarah was less certain about him. However, after winning the immunity challenge, they made amends. Danny set up a fake idol of immunity. Each player was unable to distinguish between the real and fake ones.

When Matthew discovered the original idol a few days earlier, he also planted a fake one. Despite the fact that Jamie was unaware that the idol was fake, he was pleased to find it.

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