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Jared Padalecki’s Followers Passionately Stand Behind Him as the Controversy of His “Come and Take It” Tattoo Ignites.

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Sri ragavi newton
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The actor hasn’t said anything about getting a tattoo, which some fans are now calling controversial.

In case you missed it, Jared Padalecki got a new tattoo. The tattoo’s connection to gun rights activists enraged some fans. The cannon with a star above it that is now inked on Padalecki’s forearm is an insignia associated with the historic slogan “Come and take it,” which was originally a declaration of Texas’ pride but later became a motto for those advocating for the rights granted by the Second Amendment.

Although Padalecki has not explained why he got the tattoo, many of his fans have already criticized him for getting a “pro-gun” tattoo just a few weeks after a deadly school shooting in his home state of Texas. However, another group of individuals was also quick to defend the actor.

The records of Padalecki’s contributions to Democratic politicians who support gun control have been accessed by these fans, who have discovered that the actor contributed approximately $26,000 to the political action in 2018.

The screenshots that have been posted online indicate that Padalecki backed MJ for Texas, the Texas Democratic Party, MJ Victory Fund, and Act Blue, a non-profit tech organization that helps left-leaning nonprofits connect with donors online.

Given that the slogan is one of the state’s “most sacred mottos,” even though it is controversial, many Padalecki fans also suggested that Jared could have simply tattooed the “Come and take it” symbol as a way to express his love for his home state of Texas.

The origin of the motto can be traced back to the 1835 Battle of Gonzales, which was a pivotal battle in the Texas Revolution’s fight against Mexico. The Texas colony received a small bronze cannon before the battle. After the events of 1835, the Texans refused to give it back to the Mexican authorities, offering them to “come and take it.”

Now, gun rights activists use the slogan and the symbol of a cannon with a black star above it as a statement of Texas pride and occasionally replace the cannon with a gun or a rifle. Padalecki only has a cannon and a star tattooed on his body, with no slogan.

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