The Recent Genshin Impact Video Leak Makes It Clear That Baizhu Can Be an Invaluable Asset to the Spread Team.

A brand-new Genshin Impact leak demonstrates the strength of the soon-to-be Dendro user Baizhu in a team that relies on Spread.

When placed in a Spread team, the future Dendro user Baizhu’s potential has been shown in a new Genshin Impact video that has been leaked. The game permits players to utilize around four unique characters in their party, and they can consolidate their various components to set off different essential responses.

From increasing the team’s damage potential to completely immobilizing a group of enemies, these reactions grant a variety of effects. The character meta has been completely transformed by the introduction of the new Dendro element in Genshin Impact update 3.0, which brought with it a number of brand-new and potent elemental reactions.

Two brand-new Dendro characters, Baizhu and Kaveh, have been officially announced by developer HoYoverse for the upcoming Genshin Impact version 3.6. The majority of the upcoming content, including brand-new characters and weapons, is revealed during the game’s beta phase with each update.

On the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit, gameplay footage of the brand-new Dendro catalyst Baizhu working as part of a team to activate Spread was recently leaked. Because it can only be activated by dealing damage to enemies with the Quicken aura, which can be applied by combining Dendro and Electro, it is regarded as a sub-reaction. Spread can essentially expand the following two or three goes after that are implanted by Dendro.

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There are three Dendro characters on the team that is shown in the video: Alhaitham, Baizhu, and one Electro character known as Yae Miko. Yae’s fundamental work in this group is to apply however much Electro as could reasonably be expected which she can do with the assistance of her Basic Ability, Sesshou Sakura, which permits her to send up to three Electro emblems that arrange harm regardless of whether she gets traded out. In Genshin Impact, this makes her the ideal off-field support for parties that require a lot of Electro damage on the field.

According to some comments, Baizhu appears to work flawlessly in teams that require at least two Dendro characters. Since he is well-known as the proprietor of the Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue, previous Genshin Impact leaks have shown that his primary function will be that of a healer. This makes sense lore-wise. He seems to work well with the well-known Sumeru Archon, which most Dendro compositions require.

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Alhaitham, a sword user who was recently added to this team, is the team’s primary DPS. He seems to do well when surrounded by characters who share the same element. Alhaitham has demonstrated that his playstyle is significantly more complex, despite the fact that many people at the time of his release believed that he was simply a Dendro version of the Electro character Keqing.

Genshin Impact is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is currently in the works.

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