Alone Season 9 Winner: Insights into the Biggest Challenges and Valuable Advice for Future Competitors, Name Revealed, Know The Details

Alone Season 9 Winner

In the well-known survival show Alone, ten contestants are dropped off in remote areas of the wilderness with only ten items of their choosing. They must live completely alone in order to outlast their rivals and win $500,000. In any case, fighting the components, starvation, and their own personalities demonstrates testing — in any event, for these endurance specialists.

Juan Pablo

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Only three contestants were left in the remote Canadian wilderness of Labrador at the end of Season 9 of Alone. After 78 days, survival expert Juan Pablo Quionez was the last contestant remaining. When Distractify caught up with the Season 9 winner, he talked about the most difficult part of Alone, what he would tell new competitors and more.

Look at our question and answer underneath. ( Note from the editor: For clarity, this interview has been edited and condensed.)


History Channel’s ‘Separated from everyone else’ Season 9 Victor Juan Pablo Quiñonez talks about testing viewpoints and that’s just the beginning.

Pablo Quionez, Juan: I don’t think I’ve reached the point where I’m really struggling, I don’t know. However, I feel that was on the grounds that I just arranged it intellectually.

It was almost as easy as when you really want something and are really into something because I was so invested in it. For instance, I completed basic training because I wanted to be a soldier. And because it was kind of my dream, it wasn’t as hard for me.

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As a result, this is the same: I’ve always wanted to be in the wilderness. So, yes, it was difficult. It’s difficult to pinpoint a certain something … being obliged to a real estate parcel that was not my picking, that was intellectually extremely hard. … It was difficult for me to see the other side of the river, where there is more sunlight and it is easier to walk and do other things.

DFY: What, in your opinion, was the best tactical decision you made that might have improved your game over that of some of your rivals?

JPQ: “Oh, I’m gonna see what the land has to teach me” was not the best tactical decision for me. I’ve already been on spiritual journeys, so it wasn’t a spiritual one.

. It was more about saying, “Okay, I’m just going to do it, and give it my all.” I will simply put in as much effort as I can. However, I was never attached to my plans at the same time. I was always extremely adaptable and flexible to the situation.

DFY: Did you at any point have any considerations of tapping out that weren’t caught on camera?

JPQ: Prior to going in, I really thought like, ‘alright, what occurs in the event that I’m in a low second?’ So even if I want to tap [out], I’ll just wait three days and see if I want to tap [out] again after those three days… Rather than bringing a photograph of my family or my soul mate, I just had a photograph of like, a couple of kids battling during the Holocaust. Thus, I [had] my arrangements for that second. However, I never once even considered the question, “Oh, can I? May I proceed further? Or will I tap [out]?’

DFY: As a fan of the show, was there anything about the challenge that surprised you while you were participating in Alone that you didn’t necessarily understand?

JPQ: What super shocked me is that as a watcher, you see this multitude of individuals and it’s interesting how, similar to, there’s sort of this thing that happens [of saying], ‘Gracious, I will do various things and for what reason isn’t that individual doing this.’ In addition, I honestly believe that’s a factor in the show’s popularity.

Since they need to offer their own viewpoints. … However, I came to the realization that we only have a limited view of what goes on outside. Therefore, it is less likely that I will now make those remarks. It is simply surprising how many things take place outside of the show that might not be shown.


DFY: Can you recall the moment you realized you had won when you saw your partner?

JPQ: Your mind is playing tricks on you because you are so tuned in to your surroundings. However, my crew would refer to me as a hawk. As in, I would sense everything.

So I sort of detected that perhaps Jennifer was there. … I was attempting self-control and avoiding thinking about that—I had just won. Because there are so many cameras, there is a lot of pressure. It took me a while to realize I had won, and I honestly wasn’t expecting the medical check that day because I was slightly dehydrated. As a result, everything came as a complete surprise.

DFY: What piece of advice would you give to other contestants now that you’ve won Alone?

JPQ: Know what you want to get out of the experience, like really, really know why you’re there, is my piece of advice. And keep that somewhere that’s easy to access so that you can quickly return to the reason you’re there in times of difficulty or unexpected difficulties. And simply adhere to that.

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