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Grey’s Anatomy Finale Leaves Fans Shocked with Relationship Drama and Life-Threatening Cliffhangers

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Finale Review: Relationship Upheaval and Life at Stake

Season 19 episode 1: Wedding Bell Blues and Happily Ever After?

Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 19 finale premiered with two back-to-back episodes on ABC. The first episode, Wedding Bell Blues, starts with Teddy who appointed Winston as the head of cardio and Simone preparing to marry Trey, while Lucas striking up a deal with Simone to look after her friend for the undoubted drama to come.

Simone Changing Her Mind

Meanwhile, things started to go awry, with Simone having cold feet before her wedding, especially after she sees a red robin crashing into a window, which her mother always considered a sign of bad luck.

New Love is in the Air

Also, Maggie and Winston found themselves getting intimate in the heat of the moment before the Catherine Fox Awards, while Jo is still figuring out her feelings.

Season 19 episode 2: Maintain the Respect you Have Built for Yourself

The second episode, Maintain the Respect You Have Built for Yourself, has some of the most dramatic and heartwarming moments of the season.

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Surprising Reconnection

Meredith finally talks to Nick about their relationship as they spend time together in her Boston home despite the interference of Gilles Marini. However, it seems that Meredith is not entirely open with Nick since she forgot to mention Michael, her kids’ tutor, is also living with her.

Life and Death Situation

Teddy, who had earlier complained of toothache, finds herself in a life and death situation as she is doing surgery on Sam. Unfortunately, they both end up code blue.

The Verdict

This double-header finale is precisely what fans love about Grey’s Anatomy. The first episode deals mainly with character relationships, while the second places them in dangerous and often surprising situations.

Despite leaving many cliffhangers at the end of the season, the show’s future is looking bright even as Krista Vernoff, its showrunner, leaves the series.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 19’s finale was an excellent way to end the season, with breathtaking moments from start to finish.


  1. When will Season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy be released?
    Season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy is expected to be released in the fall of 2021.
  2. Is Grey’s Anatomy still a popular television show?
    Yes, Grey’s Anatomy continues to be a popular show, with millions of viewers worldwide tuning in every week.
  3. Who is the current showrunner of Grey’s Anatomy?
    Krista Vernoff is currently the showrunner of Grey’s Anatomy.
  4. Is there going to be a Grey’s Anatomy spinoff?
    Yes, ABC has ordered a new Grey’s Anatomy spinoff titled “In the Reel,” which will follow a group of surgeons and doctors on their mission to save lives in New York City.
  5. Can I watch Grey’s Anatomy on any streaming platform?
    Yes, Grey’s Anatomy is available on several streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu.


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