Instagram Influencer’s Shocking Confession: Stalking Premier League Footballer Mason Mount

Who is Orla Sloan, the Instagram Influencer Accused of Stalking Premier League Footballer Mason Mount?

Orla Sloan, a 22-year-old social media influencer with over 85,000 followers on Instagram, has been making headlines after admitting to stalking Premier League footballer Mason Mount. Along with Mount, she also targeted Ben Chilwell and Billy Gilmour, former Chelsea teammates. Here’s everything you need to know about Orla Sloan, her background, and how she became involved with these footballers.

Who is Orla Sloan?

Orla Sloan is a 22-year-old fashion influencer with a background in retail. Prior to gaining her social media following, she worked in Marks and Spencers as a retail assistant and later as a “ring girl.” She eventually began to make posts on the adult platform Fanvue, where she claims to have made £50,000 per year from sharing photos of herself eating Percy Pigs. Orla describes her work as “empowering” as she became her “own boss” and got to choose her own hours.

Orla Sloan’s Rise to Fame as an Influencer

Orla’s rise to fame came with building her social media presence on Instagram and TikTok. With frequent postings of holiday trips and daily life, Orla shares her daily routines through vlogs and popular social media platforms. According to Daily Mail, Orla posted a video of herself dancing in a bikini in Asda, which led to her ban from the store—for life.

Orla Sloan and Chelsea Players: How it all Began?

At the time of the incident, Orla was at a party hosted by Ben Chilwell, where she met Mason Mount. This led to engaging in sex, and they continued to have sporadic contact for six months. Eventually, Mr. Mount decided to end things, and Orla did not seem to take it well.

Harassment Without Violence

According to reports, Orla changed her phone number 21 times to contact Mount and even appeared at the Chelsea training center when she could not get through to him. She then switched to messaging his teammate, Billy Gilmour, in respect of Mr. Mount.

Orla Sloan’s Stalking Charges

The stalking story started in late 2020 when the influencer began bombarding the Chelsea midfielder with messages for four months. At that time, they already slept together, but Mason broke off the relationship. Reports disclose that Orla started stalking Mr. Mount and his former teammate, Billy Gilmour, continuously after their romantic relationship ended.

Allegations of Stalking and Harassment

Sufficient evidence revealed that Orla was stalking the footballers and harassing fellow Chelsea player Ben Chilwell. On November 23, 2022, at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, Orla pleaded guilty to all charges of stalking and harassment without violence.

What Was Orla Sloan’s Response to the Charges?

Orla Sloan’s legal representative could not exactly specify the reason for her behavior, but they believe that she is aware of the gravity of the charges now against her. The defense counsel further added that Orla’s misdemeanor had caused her to reside in fear for her safety, which she characterizes as a form of punishment.

What is Next?

The judge adjourned the case until June 20th, 2023, to prepare reports, warning that the most serious offense, against Mr. Gilmour, crossed the custody threshold, and she may face a prison sentence.

Lesson to be Learned from Orla Sloan’s Case?

It would help to remember that stalking, which is defined as intimidating, pestering, or hassling behavior, including malicious communications, can cause distress and fear to the victim. Orla’s behavior towards the footballers is an excellent portrayal of how social media cannot become a personal diary. Social networking sites can be something to share with others, but not everything should be posted or shared, especially personal information that could compromise one’s privacy.

Final Thoughts

Orla Sloan’s stalking of Premier League footballer Mason Mount is a clear indication that even social media influencers are susceptible to harassment and stalking. Tennis players and footballers such as Serena Williams, Caroline Wozniacki, and Andy Murray have come forward to speak about their experiences with online hate. Orla Sloan’s actions are a reminder of how critical it is to respect people’s privacy, whether they are public figures or not.


What is stalking, and how is it different from harassment?

Stalking is unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group towards another, while harassment typically involves “unwanted, oppressive, or intimidating” behaviors directed at an individual, organization, or group.

What are the possible consequences of stalking?

Stalking can cause severe psychological and emotional distress, and in severe cases, it can lead to physical violence, injury, or even death.

What can someone do if they are being stalked?

If you are being stalked or believe that you are being stalked, it is crucial to speak with a professional. Contacting the police or a therapist may be the first step in ensuring your safety and wellbeing.

What strategies can someone use to protect themselves against stalking?

Individuals can protect themselves against stalking by implementing a range of practical strategies, such as being cautious about sharing personal information, maintaining a low profile on social media, being aware of their surroundings, staying alert and trusting their instincts, and seeking professional assistance if necessary.

How can we create awareness about stalking and its consequences?

Creating awareness is crucial in helping people understand the gravity of stalking and its consequences. Legal professionals, community groups, and relevant organizations must work together to create public service campaigns, workshops, and events that raise awareness about the negative effects of stalking and harassment.


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