Is Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 10 Leaked Online? Find Out Now!

Power Book II: Ghost fans are eagerly awaiting the season 3 finale, and with just two more episodes left, the excitement is peaking. However, fans are now abuzz with the rumor that the season 3 episode 10 has been leaked online. This HITC article investigates if the rumors are true.

Power Book II: Ghost Recap

  • Created by Courtney A. Kemp, Power Book II: Ghost premiered on Starz in 2020, as the sequel and spin-off to the hit series Power.
  • The series returned for its third season in March 2023, taking fans on a wild ride as the youngsters take their drug business from school to Wall Street.
  • The FBI closing in on lead character Tariq St Patrick’s illegal dealings with the Tejada family complicates things.

Has Power Book II Season 3 Episode 10 Leaked Online?

Twitter Talk and Links Shared to YouTube

Rumors are rife on Twitter that Power Book II season 3 episode 10 leaked online on May 12th, 2023. As some users have shared links to the alleged episode on YouTube, a ‘Video Unavailable: The video has been removed by the uploader’ disclaimer comes up, causing confusion among fans.

Leaks Not Always Accurate

Even though some fans have shared links claiming to be the leaked episode, past leaks have shown that the episodes often vary greatly from the final instalment. So while fans wait for the finale, one can never be sure online leaks are genuine.

Twitter Reactions to the Rumored Leaks

Some fans who claim to have seen the Power Book II: Ghost season 3 finale are sharing their thoughts on Twitter. A handful of fans have offered Twitter reactions to the finished product, calling it an impressive season finale.

Power Book II: Ghost is Renewed for Season 4

Starz has officially confirmed that Power Book II: Ghost has been renewed for season 4, even before the debut of the third season. The renewal comes as no surprise, as the show has garnered a solid following and positive ratings.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode Schedule

  • Power Book II: Ghost season 3 has ten episodes in total.
  • Season 3 episode 10, titled “Divided We Stand,” is scheduled to be released on May 26th, 2023.
  • The season comes to a close, leaving fans on the edge of their seats and eager for season 4.
  1. Episode 8 Recap:

  • Cooper Saxe, a character from the original Power series, died in Episode 8.
  • Effie was arrested for attempting to murder Lauren.
  • Tariq helped plan a strategy to retrieve money from the Weston Holdings Ponzi scheme.
  1. Episode 9 Recap:

  • Tariq discovered evidence connecting Lorenzo to Zeke’s death through Saxe.
  • Davis MacLean faced new allegations while trying to prove his innocence.
  • Tariq continued his pattern of saving others, including Effie and Brayden.
  1. Tariq’s Constant Need to Save:

  • Throughout Season 3, Tariq has been risking his own safety to protect those close to him.
  • In Episode 9, he saved Effie and convinced Brayden to take action.
  1. The Scorched-Earth Approach of Jenny Sullivan:

  • Jenny Sullivan seeks revenge for Saxe’s death and targets the St. Patricks and their associates.
  • Her extreme approach may lead to mistakes and eventual defeat.
  1. The Tejada Children’s Explosive Reaction:

  • Dru, Cane, and Diana discover that Monet enlisted Gordo to kill Lorenzo.
  • This revelation significantly alters their relationship with their mother.
  1. Weston Holdings Gets Exposed:

  • The Ponzi scheme of Weston Holdings is revealed, putting Brayden, Kiki, and others at risk.
  • Brayden reluctantly resolves the issue in an unexpected manner.
  1. Tariq Visited by a Friend from the Past:

  • Tariq receives an unexpected visit from a friend, leading to a revelation about his mother’s safety.
  • This encounter triggers another meeting with someone important from his past.
  1. Episode 10:

  • In “Divided We Stand,” Tariq is compelled to align with those who betrayed him to prevent a catastrophic outcome.
  • Monet strengthens her position within the business and asserts her power over the Tejada children.
  1. Tariq’s Dilemma:

  • Episode 10 presents Tariq with a difficult choice to cooperate with his betrayers for the greater good.
  • This decision could strain his relationships and leaves viewers in suspense.
  1. Monet Reaffirms Her Power:

  • Monet solidifies her authority over the Tejada children by elevating her position within the business.
  • This development is expected to have significant consequences for future storylines.

In conclusion, Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 10 offers an enthralling viewing experience with unexpected alliances and Monet’s power move. The episode keeps viewers engaged and anticipatory, promising more captivating episodes in the ongoing season.


While rumors of Power Book II season 3 episode 10, leaking online are circulating Twitter, it’s always best to exercise caution until an official release. Fans can always catch the last two remaining episodes before the season finale on May 26th, 2023, on Starz.


1. Can I watch Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Online?

Yes, season 3 of Power Book II: Ghost is available online on Starz and its partnered platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, DirecTV, and AT&T U-Vers.

2. Is Power Book II: Ghost worth watching?

Definitely! The show has an engaging plot with exceptional performances, keeping viewers hooked throughout the three seasons.

3. Who created Power Book II: Ghost?

Power Book II: Ghost was created by American television producer and writer, Courtney A. Kemp.

4. When was the renewal for Power Book II: Ghost season 4 announced?

Starz renewed the Power Book II: Ghost series for season 4 in January 2023, before season 3 even began to air.

5. When does the Power Book II: Ghost season 3 finale air?

Season 3 of Power Book II: Ghost comes to an end with its season finale airing on May 26th, 2023, on Starz.


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