Meet the Rising Star Behind Wheezie in Outer Banks Season 2

About Outer Banks Season 2

Navigating the Gold Game

Outer Banks season 2 premiered to rave reviews, sailing straight to the top of Netflix’s Top 10. Fans were thrilled to witness the Pogues’ latest adventures and misadventures, including all the life-or-death situations they found themselves in. The season took the gold game to a whole new level, and fans couldn’t help but wonder what Wheezie, Sarah’s younger sister, thought of all the drama that surrounded her.

The Youngest Cameron Daughter

Wheezie, the youngest daughter of villain Ward Cameron, is in the center of all kinds of drama but no one tells her anything. Nonetheless, she played a significant part in helping the Pogues find the Cross of Santo Domingo. Fans have plenty of questions about Wheezie, and who plays her is among the most frequently asked.

Who Plays Wheezie in Outer Banks Season 2?

The Talented Julia Antonelli

Julia Antonelli portrays Wheezie in Outer Banks Season 2. She is the youngest sibling of the Cameron family, the younger sister of villains Rafe and Sarah, and stepdaughter to Rose Cameron. Prior to her role on Outer Banks, Antonelli appeared in shows such as Billions, WITS Academy, and Every Witch Way, where she played her first major role as the young witch.

A Rising Star

Since her Outer Banks debut, Julia Antonelli has become a rising star in the entertainment industry. She captured the hearts of fans with her performance as Wheezie and has quickly become a new face to watch in Hollywood. Season 2 saw her stepping up her game, becoming the Pogues’ unofficial inside person, and ending the season on a high.

How Old Is Julia Antonelli’s Outer Banks Character?

Bigger Role?

Antonelli was born on April 15, 2003, making her 18 years old as of 2021. Despite playing a character who is meant to be between 13-14 years old, she nailed the role and has been a fan favorite since her debut. Fans are curious about whether the showrunners will age-up Wheezie’s character in future seasons to give her a more significant role alongside her sister, Sarah.

The Future of Outer Banks

Outer Banks Season 3

Once it has started streaming, Outer Banks Season 3 is already gaining hype. Fans are looking forward to more of Julia Antonelli’s incredible acting and witnessing her character’s growth in the upcoming season. Will Wheezie continue to aid the Pogues in their treasure hunt, or will she begin to question her family’s motives?

Julia Antonelli’s Aspirations

Antonelli is typically very open about her life and has hinted at her plans for the future in a few interviews. As recently as 2021, she shared her goal of pursuing a degree while continuing to act. She’ll undoubtedly keep fans guessing about what she’ll do next.


Julia Antonelli plays Wheezie in Outer Banks Season 2, and her performance has captured the attention of fans worldwide. It’ll be thrilling to see where her character goes in season three and beyond. But before we go, let’s recap all the information we’ve covered in this article:

  • Outer Banks Season 2 takes the show to another level
  • Wheezie is a crucial yet underrated character
  • Julia Antonelli portrays Wheezie in the hit series
  • The actress was born on April 15, 2003
  • Antonelli is a rising star in the entertainment industry
  • Future seasons may see Wheezie with a more significant role
  • Outer Banks Season 3 is highly anticipated
  • Antonelli plans to continue acting and pursue a degree


1. Is Wheezie Sarah Cameron’s real sister?

No, Wheezie is only a character in the show Outer Banks; she is played by Julia Antonelli.

2. Is Julia Antonelli on social media?

Yes, Julia Antonelli is active on social media platforms, including Instagram.

3. What other TV shows has Julia Antonelli appeared on?

Antonelli has appeared on Billions, WITS Academy, and Every Witch Way.

4. How many seasons of Outer Banks are there?

As of now, there are two seasons of Outer Banks. The third season starts streaming on February 23, 2022.

5. What is Julia Antonelli’s age?

As of 2021, Julia Antonelli is 18 years old.


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