Shocking Custody Battle Fueled by Evan Rachel Wood’s Allegations Against Marilyn Manson!

The Custody Battle of Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell: Bombshell Court Filings Unfold

Evan Rachel Wood and her ex-husband Jamie Bell were engaged in an intense custody battle over their son Jack. The issue forced Wood to come forward about the heinous experiences she had with Marilyn Manson, resulting in bombshell court filings in March 2021. The court documents reveal the extent to which Wood went to keep her son safe from Manson’s threats.

Evan Rachel Wood Fighting to Keep Custody Battle in Nashville

Wood was fighting to keep the custody battle in Nashville to avoid having to return to Los Angeles. She spoke about the dangers posed to her and Jack if they were forced to relocate to L.A.

Wood’s Abuse Allegations

Wood has accused Manson of torturous abuse, rape, and pedophilic grooming. She stated that she was a key witness in a pending criminal investigation where a public figure is involved. Because of the risks posed to her and her family by Manson, she decided to reside in Tennessee and not disclose her whereabouts to Jamie Bell.

Wood’s Fear of Alleged Offender

Wood was extremely afraid of Manson, who she said had caused her severe physical and emotional injury. She feared that Manson would seek retribution against her for testifying by harming her and her family. Wood informed the court that investigators had told her that she and her family’s safety were at risk.

Wood’s Relocation Plan

Wood had planned to raise Jack outside of L.A. and moved their child in 2016. She made Tennessee their home base and has not kept Jack from Jamie, who has the means and opportunity to visit Jack when he wishes. Wood informed Jamie Bell about the criminal investigation she was involved in during December 2020. However, he still filed a case in California to fight for custody.

Bell’s Declaration

Bell filed a declaration in March 2021 stating that Wood had continued to withhold their son Jack from him out of state. Bell said that he had never lived in Tennessee and only visited briefly. Bell worried that Wood might be alienating him from Jack.

Bell’s Fears for Their Son’s Safety

Bell expressed concern over a FaceTime call, where Jack talked about a man who was hurting him. Wood jumped on the call and corrected him, saying that it was the man hurting her. Jack named the man as Manson and expressed concern for his safety. Bell wondered why Evan might be feeding this information to their child.

Wood’s Deep Concerns for Jack’s Safety

Wood had conveyed to Bell her deep concern about her and Jack’s safety if they took up residence in Los Angeles. Bell filed a motion in response to Wood’s story stating that her story defies credibility.

Victim Records Manson’s Threats

Wood claimed that she isn’t the only victim whose children Manson has threatened. According to court documents, another unidentified victim recorded Manson saying he has photos of her children and they’re going to be destroyed.


The custody battle between Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell was highly complex, and the revelations about Manson’s threats to Wood’s son Jack only added to an already complicated case. The documents reveal the extent to which Wood went to keep her son safe.


What is the latest development in Evan Rachel Wood’s harassment case?

The latest development in Evan Rachel Wood’s harassment case is the bombshell court filings made in Wood’s custody battle with her ex-husband Jamie Bell.

Who is Marilyn Manson?

Marilyn Manson is an American singer, songwriter, and actor.

What allegations are being made against Marilyn Manson?

The allegations against Manson include sexual abuse and human trafficking by several women, including Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco.

What did Evan Rachel Wood accuse Marilyn Manson of?

Evan Rachel Wood accused Marilyn Manson of torturous abuse, rape, and pedophilic grooming.

What is the significance of the court documents filed in Wood’s custody battle?

The court documents reveal the extent to which Wood went to keep her son safe from Manson’s threats.


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