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Unravel the Thrilling Journey of Tower of God 2nd Season: Release Date and Updates!

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The Trials and Tribulations of Tower of God 2nd Season: What You Need to Know!

The Trials and Tribulations of Tower of God 2nd Season: What You Need to Know!

Tower of God fans rejoice! Crunchyroll recently announced the long-awaited second season of the anime is officially in production and is set to stream in the future. The highly successful manhwa turned anime will continue the trials and tribulations faced by main characters Baam and Rachel on their journey to conquer the titular tower, and we’ve got everything you need to know about the upcoming season, from release dates to news and story updates!

Release Date and Key Art

While no specific release date has been confirmed by Crunchyroll for Tower of God 2nd Season, the anime is expected to air in 2023. A special key visual has been released to celebrate the announcement, giving fans a glimpse of what to expect in the upcoming season. So make sure to keep an eye out for updates!

Trailer and Story

To give fans a sneak peek of what to expect in Tower of God 2nd Season, Crunchyroll has released a trailer alongside the announcement. The trailer showcases protagonists Baam and Rachel as they continue their perilous journey up the tower. Meanwhile, the manhwa continues its critically acclaimed run, spanning 550 chapters in three parts. The second season of the anime is expected to cover part two of the manhwa.

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What to Expect in Part Two

At the beginning of the second season, you can expect Yuri to request the help of Jaina Zahard to locate Baam. After this, the story will cover a six-year time skip where we follow Baam and his challenges while ascending the remaining levels of The Outer Tower to reunite with his friends. The anime is expected to cover up to floor 21b of the known 135 floors of the tower.

Creator’s Message

Creator Lee Jong Hui (SIU) shared a special message and illustration to commemorate the announcement, thanking the fans, anime production staff, and readers for supporting the series. He expressed his excitement to see how the second season turns out.

Mobile Game Release

Aside from the anime, fans can also look forward to playing the Tower of God mobile game. The sequel, Tower of God: Great Journey, was recently released for North American audiences in Winter 2022. You can expect to see popular Tower of God characters in this role-playing battle game with gacha elements.

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The second season of Tower of God promises to bring new challenges and experiences to protagonists Baam and Rachel on their journey up the titular tower. With the trailer released alongside the announcement and the end of the manhwa fast approaching, fans can expect an exciting continuation of the story. So gear up and be ready for the exciting, upcoming season!


1. Do I need to read the manhwa to understand the anime?

No, the anime adaptation stays faithful to the source material and doesn’t require knowledge of the manhwa to understand the story.

2. Who produces the anime adaptation of Tower of God?

The anime adaptation of Tower of God is produced by Telecom Animation Film and directed by Takashi Sano.

3. What platforms can I stream the anime on?

You can stream Tower of God on Crunchyroll or watch it on Adult Swim.

4. Are there any other adaptations of the manhwa?

Aside from the anime, there are no other adaptations of the manhwa.

5. When will the next part of the manhwa release?

There is no official release date for part three of the manhwa, but it is expected to release in the near future.


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